The Magical 6

February 6, 2014
Once upon a time there was a girl named Kaly. She wasn’t your average girl, she actually had magical powers and so did her siblings. You might want to know what they are, but that is a long story that I will tell you about later.

Kaly and her siblings were all born in Wyoming, but they didn’t stay long after her dad left them which was right after Kaly’s and her sisters 10th birthday. I almost forgot the most important part Kaly had five sisters that were born the same day as she was and their names were the same except the spelling of the names.

On their 10th birthday they got their powers, which consist of anything from Water to Fire to Earthly things. They didn’t call them powers they called them gifts, which they were. The girls had rules like if you are mad don’t aim your anger to your power then aim you power to the person that you hate. That was a hard rule to follow for Kaly because she had a huge temper and it could go off at anytime.

Then one day while Kaly and her sisters were at school they were separated from each other because their principal had some charges that made it that she couldn’t teach legally anymore. The principal didn’t listen to the law so the FBI tracked her down and took her to jail. The reason that Kaly was separated form he siblings was that the FBI took her just because she was the one that turned the principal in. Kaly didn’t mean for the principal to go to jail it was just a joke because Kaly was dared to do it. Pretty stupid huh, but that is the truth.

Kaly was separated from her siblings for three years. The thing is that Kaly almost forgot who she really was because her power was fading that was I know this sounds kinda weird, but if one who is gifted and has siblings that are also gifted they need to stay in a 100 mile radius because if they don’t they will become normal. I told you that it would sound kinda weird, but that is the truth.

Of course, Kaly knew who she was and what she was capable of, but she just forgot how to use her powers. She never forgot how much her siblings loved her. I almost forgot to say a very important, the reason they are in this mess is their mother died so they were put in to foster care. The Magical 6 were separated like I already told you. If you think that it is hard being in your household try to switch places with Kaly. You might want to just for the fact that she has magical powers, but if that is your reasoning you are mistaken sure it would be nice to have magical powers I am with you on that. Then again you might want to have your heart broken into a million pieces wouldn’t that be fun.

Kaly was still trying to reach her siblings, but every time that she tried to sneak out and find them her foster parents all reported her. Her only hope was that her siblings were also trying to reach her. She didn’t know if they even remembered her so all she had to go on was hope and faith that they would come back for her, and help her escape so they could live happily ever after. Of course, it couldn’t be that easy. Kaly had to plan and get out of there herself because that was the only way she knew that she would be safe.

This is what Kaly did, she put a sleeping potion that she learned when she was little in their drinks and wrote a blackmail note that said, “ We have taken your daughter and if you call the police, we will kill her. You will receive later instructions in the mail to what you will have to do to get her back safe and sound. Until then we will keep your daughter safe and sound. So don’t even think about calling the police or trying to come and get her because if you do you might need to get 3 or more body bags.

That is just what Kaly’s foster parents did because she didn’t realize this that once they had enough money they were going to adopt her so she could be their real daughter. Here is another little fun fact; Kaly’s foster parents never had any children of her own so they were you to adopt her so she could be theirs for real. I bet that you know how they must of felt when they woke up and read the note. They had to call the police to tell them that Kaly was kidnapped. When they call them they didn’t do anything because she had ran away before and left the same kind of note on their counters when she had so they did nothing. Then they call the Social Services and then the Social Services sent out people right away because this was Kaly’s last chance so when she returned she would arrested and be put in jail for crimes that she has never committed but they just wanted her off the streets.

While Kaly’s foster parents were worrying sick and out of their minds, Kaly was in her on little world, which was filled with snakes and goblins and witches. She was so scared but she didn’t show it because she knew that is she expressed her fright that she would turn around and that wouldn’t be good at all because she knew that if you ran away again that she would go to jail. That didn’t stop her because she was ready to be reunited with her siblings again. To her that was worth the risk of be thrown in jail and even being killed for because she missed her siblings so bad that she didn’t care what she had to do to just see her siblings just once. She knew that she better hurry because her powers were as weak as American tea to a Chinese person.

Kaly didn’t want to leave this foster family because they treated her like she was their own family and she has never been treated like that since her own mother had died. The thing is that she needs to be with her siblings right now to fulfill the prophecy that was told over thousands of years earlier. This is what it had said, There will be trouble and 6 girls the same age and born on the same day to the same person will save the world through magical powers and they will all have the same name, but the names themselves will be spelled differently and they will save the world.

Kaly fought against monsters of all sized and every battle she got more of her power back so she knew that she was so close to the siblings that she could feel their powers run though her. She knew that it was a matter of days before she found them, which she did. It took seven months or so, at least that is what Kaly had thought. She was about to give up because she was beaten, bruised, tired, hungry, discourage, helpless, powerless, and miserable.

All Kaly could think about is the warm comforts of her home with Jane and Mark, her foster parents. I know what you are thinking another sad girl who misses her foster family, the same ones that seven or more months earlier she ran away from. Some may hate her, but I think that you should think before you judge someone, think about it from Kaly’s eyes. All she every wanted was to find her siblings then find some parents that would take all of them in.

Once she found her family she will be complete then she will go back to Jane and Mark’s house and beg them into letting her siblings stay with her. So as I have already told you Kaly has been on a trip of a lifetime to find her siblings. The thing is she didn’t even know where they were all she had was a gut feeling that something was wrong with her siblings. So she went to looking for them and she swore when she find them and take them to a safe place where they could be together forever. Of course, as you know that wasn’t was simple as Kaly had thought, all she thought was she just had to show up and tell her siblings who she was and they would like her. She was so wrong because when she found them and told them who she was they told her that their sister the Magical one of water was been died for nine years because that was how long to has been since Kaly had sent word to them. So like normal people they just thought she was died. At first Kaly reaction was disbelief, but she soon realized that she had not even sent word to them in seven and half years. The thing is once she was put into foster care she lost touch with them because she didn’t know how she needed to talk to, to see to get into touch with them. Kaly’s siblings didn’t realize that until Kaly left. So I guess they are both out o luck.

As you can see after Kaly was put into foster care her siblings thought that Kaly thought that she was to good for them. Then once she lost touch with them they just gave up hope and turned to the worst because they were mad at her. They just made up a story about Kaly getting killed in a shooting so the little ones, Rose, Rita, Ruth, and Rebecca off their backs about losing their older sister, Kaly. Once the little ones stopped talking about Kaly they soon believed it to. The thing is Kaly’s other sisters had a little problem, if the little ones never talked about a subject none of them did. It work out because the little ones never left Kaly’s sisters sides unless it was to take a shower or to go to the bathroom, and that was fine with them.

Kaly was heartbroken that her siblings thought she was dead. Here is a thing that you need to understand; Kaly was not the kind of person who forgot things very easily. So she was going to try everything in her power to make her siblings understand that she was not dead but alive and well. That night she came up with an awesome plan, and that was she would blast them with rain while that sun was shining and the sky was blue. That would show them it had to, just have to work. So that very minute and she went back to where her siblings and show them just how powerful she was when she was mad, and it worked perfectly even better then she thought. They all knew that they needed to be much stronger to fight the evil one, but nothing was said about it though.

So they had a party to celebrate to homecoming of their long lost sister. Now all they had to do was to prepare for evil one’s coming. The next thing the knew to prophecy was almost fulfilled but they just had to do one most thing and that was save the world from the evil one. They all knew that it was coming, but they didn’t know what shape it was coming in or if it was even a person, but all they knew was that they had to stick together to success. That is just what they did even when they were sleeping. Of course they had someone on watch duty and at night that was the least favorite job because they knew that when the evil one came it would destroy anything, anyone, and every little thing that was in it path. They had to be prepared, it to honest they were neither prepare or brave enough. The thing is they had to be even if it meant faking the whole thing then that is what had to be done the little ones should be frighten, but they already were scared out of their minds they didn’t show it and that was good. The little ones knew if they show it the older ones would freak out because they wanted to protect the little ones with all their hearts. So the little ones did what was expected of them and that was to be as brave as the older ones.

The day was upon them the day that would decide if the world and themselves survived or died. The evil one was upon them. This was the day they wished that they weren’t the chosen ones, they knew that they were the chosen ones and they had to protect man kind. Even though they hated some of the people they knew that they had to protect them with all their lives even if it meant that they would die in the process.

The evil one was upon them and it was even more destructive then any of them had ever imagined it to be. The thing is the evil one was no bigger than a little girl or that is what she looked like, Kaly didn’t know but the girl was doing there. All she knew was that the girl was somehow connected to the evil and his plan. What they didn’t know was that the evil one was not a man or a woman but a little girl. The little girl named her name and her name was Katniss. She looked like a little angel, but what they didn’t know was that Katniss was the one that they had to defeat. All they thought was that she was just like them and was on their side, they were wrong.

Let me tell you about Katniss she was like Kaly and her siblings that is because she had to fulfill a prophecy just like they did. The thing is that it said that she had to defeat the Magical 6 or her family would be disgraced forever. Katniss didn’t want that to happen to her family because she loved them so much and she had almost disgraced them before, but the leaders of the town decided to let that go just because she was the chosen one. She didn’t want to hurt anyone all she wanted to do was pass the duty of killing the Magical 6 to someone else, but that was not possibly. Katniss would do anything to get rid of the prophecy, but she knew that that could not be done.

So now back to the fight, the Magical 6 didn’t think that it was right to hurt this little girl. All the did was asked her why she was doing this, and she said she had to because of a stupid prophecy. Kaly told Katniss that they wanted to get out of their prophecy too, but they knew that there was only one way to get rid of the prophecy. That was run away to Florida and see if Jane and Mark would take all of them in that was a total of 11 kids. Kaly didn’t know if they would agree to it, but it was their best shot they had if they wanted to stay together. All they had to do was to fake their own deaths so Katniss’s parents wouldn’t come after them. That was easier said then done because they had to made real life dummies and burn them and it was kinda hard to burn someone that looked like you, but it was done.

So the next day they headed back towards Jane and Mark’s house. Once they got there they try to explain why Kaly had brought back 10 more kids that was so much more than she had left with. Then there was to court battle, and Jane and Mark’s side won so Kaly and her siblings and Katniss live with Jane and Mark for the rest of their lives, or until they got married, died, or ran away.

They had their ups and downs, but what do you expect when you have a large family. Even though they fought over boys, homework, food, make-up, clothes, and clothes. They never stay mad each other very long because they knew that they would always had a special bond that would outlast anything. Even if their bills were huge Jane and Mark never stay mad at the girls very long because they always wanted a big family and they had it so they couldn’t go back now. Wait one more thing you may want to know, how to spell Kaly’s other sisters names that they had to have to fulfill the prophecy. That is one thing that I can’t tell because if I tell you, you wouldn’t have to do much work. So I decided to let you figure out on you own. If you are think what a bummer this is all I can say to you tough luck, I can’t have all the fun can I?

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annmariemeyer said...
Mar. 4, 2014 at 2:59 pm
I really liked this piece becasue it showed that family is the most important part of life.
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