January 31, 2014
A lone figure stood amongst a desert of golden sand. The sky over head was wavering with the heat of the sun. The cloudless blue sky was beautiful and met the horizon of sand that stretched as far as the eye could see, it's hot surface burning through the soles of his brown leather boots. He wore knights armor of white and his breastplate was emblazoned with the figure of a golden crown, a straight-sword passing through it vertically. His face was covered by a helmet, it's flat top and rounded sides gleamed in the sunlight and upon the visor was the outline of a golden cross. In his left hand he held a white heater shield that was similarity emblazoned with the crown and sword. In his right he held a golden blade that seemed to shimmer and waver in the sunlight, never taking a true and solid form. The man knelt to the ground, placing his shield In it's place on his back and reaching to his waist he pulled a small vial from its position on his belt and unstopperd it and from it poured what seemed to be water. As it hit the surface of the desert the wind began to blow and he had to shelter the liquid, lest the wind blow it off its course. The wind began to increase in speed and he finished quickly and stood, a strange symbol stood in the sand where he had just been. He pointed his strange blade at the symbol and hissed "Cullo" his voice was deep and unwavering. The blade lit and a small light shot from its tip, striking and igniting the symbol into a silver fire. It sprang to life and danced in the air. The sand around him began to shift and he spun around, seeking the source of the disturbance, it wasn't hard to find. A massive wall of sand had formed in what seemed to be seconds, thousands of feet high and was speeding at him. He hastily turned back to the flame and tossed the vial aside, and placed his hand in the sliver flame. It caught and seemed to latch itself onto his hand and slowly leech onto the rest of his arm. The He turned to face the wall once more, determination in his eyes. He braced himself and entered his combat stance, he'd placed his shield on his back and his sword was drawn in his right while his left blazed with silver conflagration. The colossal wall of sand was close now and sand blew relentlessly against his armor, scratching it as it flew by. The wall was seconds away and the knight began to move forward. Slowly against the wind but then faster as he held his left hand out and the sand that had been hitting him before suddenly burst into flame around him. He began sprinting towards the wall and as it was upon him he drew his right hand back and slashed overhand at the wall, it cut a gaping hole in the wall and he dove through it. As he rolled to a stand he saw it for the first time. Maddox was the greatest of monsters. He towered above the knight and he was fearsome to behold. His red scales rippled in the sunlight as if he had just bathed in blood. His wings were spread, his every muscle and bone clearly visible against the sun, casting a shadow on the desert before him as the sun was blotted out. His Black, souless eyes and fangs were clearly visible as he rose onto strong hind legs with menacing jet black talons and roared as he saw the interloper. The sound that erupted from the beasts mouth shifted the upper layer of desert sand for leagues in all directions. The knight fell as his ears exploded with pain, he felt hot liquid run down the side of his head onto his neck. He let out a cry and rose his hand. The silver light encircled him, outlining him in a silver aura. The beasts front arms returned to the sandy surface and he lunged forward with his long neck and opened his mouth, chomping with his razor edged black fangs. The knight, recovered leapt from the path of the dragon lashing at him with the golden blade. A gash appeared on the red dragons face and a white substance sprung from it. Maddox leapt back and roared. "WHO ARE YOU TO CHALLENGE ME?!, MADDOX THE DESTROYER, THE DEVOURER, I AM DEATH! The knight, ignoring his question sprinted forward to the beast and Maddox sprung at him. The knight clenched his left hand and he disappeared from the dragons view. Maddox landed and looked where he had been confused and then he cried out in pain as he felt the tendons of his left wing being sliced apart. He twisted his neck to see the knight, stabbing his naked wing and twist his blade. Maddox screamed and writhed with pain, turning this way and that in a desperate attempt to remove the man and alleviate the pain from his wing. The knight was sent flying, his sword still lodged in the wing of the beast, sizzling the a tendons and skin around it as it seemed to hum with life. As the knight fell he screamed "Va'an!" Maddox shrieked in agony as the sword began to pulse with light, and as the light pushed further from the sword the shrieks turned to wails. The light ran across his wings and encased it in it's glow it then began to inch across Maddox's back over his spine and onto the other wing and encased it just as his right. The light disappeared and in it's place was a thick sheet of golden glass. The dragon recoiled, and yelped in pain as the movement put pressure on his spine. He roared in frustration and glaring at the small man he opened his maws and let forth a jet of red flame. The knight now pulled his shield from his back and knelt, letting it take the impact, but as the fire hit the shield it flared outward as if undirected by an unseen force. Maddox ceased his billowing and snorted in surprise as the man seemed unharmed. The knight drew back his empty right hand and the light that encompassed his body flooded into it, lapping over itself and intensifying. He threw his hand forward and as he did all sound seemed to slow and stop. A ball of piercing sapphire burst from the base of his palm and leapt toward Maddox's encased wings. As it touched the right wing a shrill cracking noise filled the empty air and was accompanied by a roar of agony. The explosion caused a multitude of cracks to splinter across his back and wings. The dragon collapsed from the pain an in the instant he hit the desert sand he was defeated. His wings shattered into glassy pieces along with his spine lay scattered across the desert floor. He lay motionless, paralyzed. His long neck lay limp and his eyes were locked on the wretched warrior who had cause his downfall. The knight walked Maddox and retrieved from a pile of bloodstained glass, his sword. The blade seemed smaller, more faint than it had before. He returned to his place in front of the dragon and knelt before him, placing his hand on the dragons brow. The voice Maddox heard was not from the knights lips but from his own consciousness. "Accept your fate beast, for I am Caradoc"

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