January 27, 2014
By calidawn01 BRONZE, Watauga, Texas
calidawn01 BRONZE, Watauga, Texas
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If I hear the word outcast, my mind automatically pictures Carly and Sam. They are the

strangest couple you will ever lay your eyes on. Nobody really knows if they are a couple or not.

They are never affectionate, but they never leave one another’s side. So I guess people just

make assumptions. It’s quite odd.

They have never stepped foot into a school dance, a football game, or a play. You never

really see them anywhere. Both of them send off these strange, sketchy vibes whenever people

are around them, maybe that is why they stay clear of having a social life, and only limit

themselves to one another. Everyone has the same opinion of them in their mind, a mysterious

couple who we really know nothing about.

It’s not like we are unwelcoming. I mean, we try. We really do. But everytime we ask

them to do something, there’s always some lame excuse as to why they can’t. It’s really


Nothing made sense about them, nothing at all, until the Wednesday of Spring Break

week. There is an un-discovered (well besides me of course) swimming hole about two and a

half miles or so past my high school. A bunch of my friends from the football team and all of our

girls go there around this time every year since 7th

camping trip and ever since then we have been coming here. Coming here is our tradition.

Nobody else knows about the hole because we are the ones who discovered it. At least that is

grade. We found it while on a Father and Son

what we figured, until we got there. We all froze up when we heard someone hysterically

laughing like a Hyena. Who could have possibly found The Hole? It was in the middle of the

woods, in the middle of nowhere.

We all crept up closer and closer to The Hole, and hid behind the Pine bushes and trees

so that the strangers would not be able to hear us. The people looked really familiar, but they

were so far away that it was hard to make out who the strangers were. Something was

definitely fishy about them… literally. Everybody’s mouth dropped all at once when we saw

blue scale-like fins from the waistline down on both of them. Nobody know what to say or do,

we were all flabbergasted. I can promise we all stood there frozen for about ten minutes,

registering what all of our eyes just saw. The more I focused in on the faces and voices, the

more familiar they became. It was Carly and Sam. They were… Mermaids?

Of course us guys were freaking out trying to put this all together. This is why they were

socially awkward. As soon as the girls found out it was Carly Smith, they immediately took out

there phones and started taking pictures. Not even five minutes later the pictures were posted

everywhere. Could this really be true? Carly and Sam, mermaids.

The next week at school, there was no sign of the two. And the next week, the week

after that, or the week after that. They didn’t come back until a month after the incident. I’m

guessing they knew that people would have tons of questions and they’d be the center of

attention. Turns out, that’s why they have always kept to themselves for so long, they didn’t

want to be judged. Nobody judged them, everybody envied them. They told everybody that the

reason they kept it secret was because they thought they would get called freaks and all kinds

of weird names, but they were far from it according to the town and the school. Carly and Sam

became celebrities, always the center of attention. There was never a dull moment when they

were around.

Carly and Sam were afraid of what society would think about them, so they kept their

tales a secret. They always encourage people to come out of their comfort zone and express

their talents. Even though you might not be a mermaid celebrity, everybody has some talent

that needs to be expressed and heard. Even though them being discovered was a total

accident, they always say that they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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