November 19, 2013
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I cant believe he said that. After all he is a CIA agent sworn to secrecy. Bert Waldwin was at the bar blurting out the United States biggest secret. he should have known that a strong drink would loose his tongue. Bert was an interesting person,he was young, new, and didn't think about what he did at all. He was not the kind of guy to be in the CIA. Bert had only recently joined the agency, About six months ago. Most of the agents were good people and had been working in the agency for more than five years. What Bert had blurted out was the U.S has found how to teleport. This was a big discovery, the military could use it for fast travel and response. This could be used to transport merchandise across the country. With this information out in the open the media would get involved and greedy business men would try to turn it into easy cash. I looked at the two men sitting by Bert, they wore black suits and ties. The two men had smiles on their face as they heard the information Bert told them. I walked towards them to intervene, then Bert pulled out a gun. He pulled the trigger and I fell back, the pain throbbing in my lungs. I looked in Bert's direction and I see the two men walk out of the bar with smirks on their faces, Bert tagged along with them. Then I gave a last shuddering breath and all went black.

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Mr._Poetry said...
Dec. 17, 2013 at 11:41 pm
This is the best sci- fi story I could write, please comment on how I did. 
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