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The Unexpected Ally, and Unexpected, Unknown Past

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To get to school Akane has had us run normally and without our super natural speed and agility, this continued for five miles. If you haven’t already guessed it yet, this is yet another torturous exercise thought up by Akane herself. Luckily, we all got there in time for them to use the campus showers in the locker rooms; sure enough no one was at school but the teachers as usual. Hear is something for you to be surprised about, Cambridge has had its second shadow this month. Sounds good right? The school is getting attention for the first time by outsiders of this town everyone thought would be peaceful from all the noise of the city. Sadly, it has been attracting all the non-normal beings.
This time it caught the attention of one of Akane’s past demons, John Creg. This young man possesses the power to cancel out the supernatural powers of anyone who uses them around him within ten meters in any direction. How this power was attained by him was for the attack of a sorceress in training who was sent by her sensei from her academy to retrieve the amulet that was picked up by John by mistake. The sorceress didn’t want to have to chase him for the amulet so she casted a spell that was to render him immobile, but she had casted a combination of spells that she didn’t know what her mistake would result in. John was surprised to realize what new power he had and that he knew how to use it. He only rendered the sorceress powerless to hear her story, and after hearing it, he offered her his friendship and in return he would give her the amulet. John and the sorceress, Juliet had agreed to meet up after she had returned from taking the amulet back to her sensei at her academy, so that they would be able to keep the amulet of Light and Dark out of the wrong hands. In ancient times, the amulet was used to grant unmeasurable power to the one whom wares it, but there have been no other records of the amulet, or the power it grants. So, John has for the past few years, been using his new found powers at the Akaura Mountain shine.
So what does this have to do with him being our school? There are two possibilities, one he’s here to get back together with Akane, two he’s here because Akane had asked him to “participate” in her survival lessons to make it more challenging for me and my brothers.
“Akiro, Katsuo, Hisao, and Masa, this is John Creg, he’s here to help you four in your training. So don’t be late today, got it.” What we tell you, what I tell you.

“Yah, yah, got it,” we all shied at the same time. If you have your own picture of utter horror, this is mine. A kindly psychotic looking face with a scar across the left eye, blond hair, and a normal looking figure. What he wore was a pair of dark jeans, with a chain coming down his waste to his knees. His black shirt that read,

“Keep out of my way, your life depends on it.” Their luck couldn’t get any worse, but it remained as rotten as ever.
John had been assigned to follow Shannon Cortez, this had me and my brothers worried one, because of her habit to ask questions that no one, and I mean no one, would ever answer in a public location where everyone could hear it. Second, from what Akane has told me, John is a very open to sharing things that many people wouldn’t believe or would and freak out. That’s not the worst part, I have Shannon and now John in my second, fifth, and sixth periods. More that I need this creep of a jock following me around.

As they sat in their periods, each of us could fell John’s eyes upon us, with the fire of anticipation in them. Not only that, but we and John could feel Shannon’s eyes moving back-and-forth between us, with a thousand questions flying though her head about the five of us. The only difference is that she has had a thousand questions about me and my brother’s history for the past five years, and she is always suspicious of those who are new to our little town which no one ever really visits, and isn’t known for anything special. Then, later on in the day, the brothers were called down to the upper school office, where Mrs. Asagowa who has been working for their mom since arrived with her in the town five years ago, had filled them in on why John was here. Hisao spoke as if it weren’t really news, which it wasn’t since Akane already told him and his brothers about John and his purpose,

“Yah thanks. Is that all?”

“Yes boys, now you may return to class. Oh, I did forget to mention one thing.”Katsuo inquired,
“Yah, what is it then?”

“Mister Creg has been known to be “torturous” to those he fights, not only does he render boys like your selves, but he is able to poses, for a short time, your own powers.” This shocked the four of us to the core. I spoke shakily,

“This is unfortunately news to us, Akane had only told us that he was here to help us in training, and she neglected to tell us this.” Mrs. Asagowa took this as a shock as well, and spoke in an irritated tone,

“I had told her to let you boys know of this and then let me know that she had brought this to your attention. With that, I had expected to have seen you four down here within the hour, but when your boys didn’t come I knew that something had to be up.”

“Thank you, we’ll talk to her, and ask her ourselves why she didn’t tell us this about John.” She called after us,

“No fighting on school grounds boys, remember that.”

“Not to worry ma’am,” Katsuo replied, “there’ll be only word used in this dispute between us and her.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of Katsuo dear,” she said with a tone that said ‘knew that wasn’t going to work, why did I try.”

We didn’t see Akane, or her sisters Aki and Yuzuki, till after school at the bus pick up stop. When she saw us, she spoke to Aki and Yuzuki for a moment and they went off somewhere to wait for her to give them the “ok” to come over again. We were only a few feet away and we hadn’t spoke a word, but she knew what we came to talk about.

“It was to make things interesting and a chance for the four of you to work as one body and mind which this form of team work you all lack.”

“Be that as it may Akane,” I said, “you either didn’t know or did know that he can be merciless to his opponent when they are locked in battle.”

“I asked him if he had the will power to resist the beast that is trapped in him. If he couldn’t do that, I would have told him not to come.”

“We’ll have to take your word on that, if you were wrong in your dissection, don’t expect us to have the same trust as we have in you now,” Hisao growled as he bore his fangs. With that, she called Aki and Yuzuki over to go on ahead of us to the training ground with John, to make ready the fighting session we would soon have with a beast in the cage of a child made with power.

We arrived just as the sisters had finished putting up the clocking and boundary barrier which would keep us in and from being heard or found. Yuzuki announced,

“The five of you may begin after you hear the following rules: in order to win simply avoid contact in John for a minute.”

“Doesn’t sound so hard, this’ll be a snitch,” Katsuo declared.

“Don’t be so sure brother,” Masa advised, “We know nothing of his speed. If the rules say ‘avoid contact with him for a minute,’ what does that make you suspicious of?”

“Very wise of you Masa, though we know of his most dangerous ability, we don’t know if this is what Akane has planed from the beginning,” Hisao finished concurringly. With that, John emitted a pulse that took our demon flash speed, which he now had.

“What I tell you guys,” both Masa and Hisao spoke without a quiver in their voices.

“Which of you four shall I take down first,” John asked. With that, the battle began. Masa attack with vigor then, he cast a duplication spell. John touch the duplicate as had absorbed it since it was a creation from magic, but this back fired. John now had that ability to cast the same spell once, and used it to take out Katsuo, then took down Masa easily while he was still in shock to what just happened. Next was I and Hisao’s tern to attack in hopes to stall the clock which was only half way dead. Hisao lasted only ten seconds against John, I on the other hand never developed any power from the accident six years ago, but I wasn’t about to cower before I got my shot at John. With a direct blow to my stomach, I was sent flying back forty yards. Now don’t count me out yet, you won’t regret it.

When I got up when my brothers couldn’t, it surprised John but not so much Akane, Aki, or Yuzuki. But what did surprise them even more then John was the fact that I had jetted back to John and then an extra ten yards, and rendered John unconscious with burn marks every where his skin shown. When I woke up I was an alert, but to be in that stake of mind was pointless. I woke up in my apartment with my brothers in chairs, and asleep with bandages around them as I did to.

“Sup fellow beast brother,” Katsuo spoke dorsally.

“Morning bro. you guys been here all night?”

“Yep. What else were we supposed to do, till you woke up,” Masa said more energetic than mostly.

“What happened to me?”

“What happened was we won the training battle with John thanks to you,” Hisao declared.

“What do you guys mean?”

“We mean, you awoke your beats that you inherited from the jewel of Touitsu when we formed it six years ago,” Masa announced, “this means we can now be separated from one form for as long as we want.”

“That also means that father will target each of us, he doesn’t have to just hunt us as one form,” I noted.

“Isn’t that a good thing, Katsuo asked. They all now knew what I mint by that. It mint that we would have to be with each other, watching each other’s back. But true, it now mint that we could now survey the borders, and send a group back to evacuate if father ever tried to attack our new home. Then unexpectedly, someone had knocked at the door and to our surprise even though it was more of a surprise to me than my brothers seeing it wasn’t their apartment that was in disarray when the queen of clean freaks came to visit you.

“Explain this mess, Akiro,” Akane demanded

“Well, I have only just woken up since yesterday’s absurd trailing battle that I can’t even recollect to say the least,” I replied calmly. But her reacting wasn’t what neither I nor my brothers were expecting from her. She resounded,

“Alright then, Katsuo, Hisao, Masa, clean up the apartment.”

“It was like this when we brought Akiro home last night,” Katsuo protested.

“With what I just said, do you think I care when the mess was made.” The three of them got to work after hearing her say those words, and finished before she became inpatient, which isn’t very long.

After visiting for an hour and filling me in on what happened after I was knocked back by John’s punch to my gut, Akane left for her apartment just on the next floor. But not before saying,

“Next time I expect you to have the apartment well kept when I chose to visit next.”

“A promise it is then,” I replied. Only a few minutes after she left that there was an other knock at the door and a voice rained out,

“Got Ronman for the Ronman fanatic.”

“Before I open the door,” I made clear, “I declare ‘Sanctuary’.”

“No fair, and no fun,” the voice fust.

“I’m two years older than you, and saving my fist kiss for the one girl I love. I’ve told you that you and I won’t work out Noah White,” I replied.

“Why do you got to be so cruel Akiro,” Noah asked. Noah is a girl who has skipped eighth grade, and one of the students at Cambridge high school. She has particularly been “fond” of me, and heaven knows why that is, because the two girls I’d fallen for hadn’t stuck around long after they found out I liked them. I had turned on the TV, and as soon as it turned on, Noah was out cold on the floor of my apartment with a blanket around her and ear buds playing calm sounding music. I pulled a bud out of her ear, and licensed to the sound that played. I looked at her phone to see what the songs name was and it’s artist, and it read,

“Shattered by Trading Yesterday.” I heard in the song a life story similar to that of me and my brother’s life story, and then I whispered in Noah’s ear, knowing she was awake, saying,

“They can’t hurt you now, and this I swear to you Noah.”

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