Rebel Outcast

November 8, 2013
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Changes, that the beginning of anything brings, changes. The society began with making small changes. They said they were making us safer, making sure we didn't hurt each other or ourselves. I knew their silent song though, the underlying message they were sending. They wanted control, they wanted everyone to follow them blindly and they knew people would.

Our Leaders insisted they were doing what was best. They promised to take care of the people, to make sure no one went with out comfort and safety. They told the people what they wanted to hear. Anybody who disagreed with them was made an outcast, a Pariah. Shunned by society hunted by the authorities. To their families the Pariah are dead, they pretend that they never existed because it doesn't fit in their perfect world.

Security, people love security, they want to feel safe. Personal freedom started to evanescence, people didn't see it coming and now they don't see what they've become. No one understands what has happened, they all have been blinded by the Society's rues and regulations. No one can see past the smoke shields put up by our Leaders. They see what they are told to see, say what they told to say, do what they are told to do. The people have lost their humanity, they have become robots, slaves to the system.

I am dragon hearted, I stand against the wave of sameness. I fight it, I will not become like the others. Right now I am a Pariah, people avoid me. I am a threat to their safe world, I speak the truth and not the lies they want to hear. I am avoided and ignored by the people. Hunted and tracked by the authorities. To my family I am dead, no I am worse then dead in their minds I never existed.

I know I will be caught one day, but that doesn't matter I have planted a seed. The people might not now it yet but I have planted the seed of rebellion, the silent song of freedom is growing the youngest hearts of the society. This is my cause.

I hear the Society police breaking down my door. I am not afraid though, for I am dragon hearted. I am brave because I know I will die with a free mind, I will not bow nor will I yield. They will try to make an example of me, I will not bend to their lie, I will not speak lies to save myself.

Good bye dear reader, my time has come, choose carefully who you believe and who your serve never let your own beliefs evanescence from you!

Today I am a Pariah tomorrow I will be a martyr for cause not yet risen.

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EvetteT said...
Dec. 28, 2013 at 6:45 pm
  Great!!! I learned valuable lessons from reading this.
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