The Angle of Lies: Part 1

October 13, 2013
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A mighty king of a rebellious country was seeking advice as to dealing with his rowdy citizens. This conflict had been going on between them, and has been growing worse and worse for the better part of 7 years. On one of his knight’s journeys to an outlying hamlet to make trade for fine goods, the knight met a hooded woman; her cloak was a shade of blue that was nearly hypnotizing. The woman told him to bring her to the king, and that she might have the answers to his problem. Apron arrival to the walls of the city, the knight was tormented by the citizens much less than usual. Felling strange about this, he decided to shrug it off. Upon entering the palace, he found the first few rooms in ruin. Perplexed by this, he hastily quickened his pace to the inner barricade doors. When he got to them, a guard opened them and ushered him and the woman inside. There inside the doors stood the king, fallen on the ground with a bleeding wound. All of the people in the room fell silent, until the knight turned to the cloaked woman and said “You told me that you could solve his problems. As crazy as it sounds, I still believe you.”

The cloaked woman responded with a simple yes, and bent down towards the king. Reflexively the half conscious king recoiled, and then faded into his subconscious mind as the loss of blood caused him to black out. The woman muttered something under her breath, to quiet to make out, but loud enough to be aware of. When a guard asked what she said, she muttered it again, louder. The guard decided not to ask again, just as the woman repeated herself. As she continued to repeat this simple phase, louder and louder, it finally was audible. However she continued, growing her voice to a shout, then to a shrill scream. She never stopped for a breath, continuing to say with eminent power “Eith, Falkrhein, Nalzuel”

The guards finally decided to restrain the woman in fear of the king, but as they were about to touch her, their eardrums nearly disintegrated from her final shout: “Adam!”

The guards froze in wonder as the kings wound slowly began to heal, the blood disappeared, and his muscle was reformed, along with his skin. The woman slowly stood and turned, to meet a heavy iron shovel to the head.

A great deal of time later, the shrouded woman sat on a roughly sewn chair, chained to the floor. Upon her awakening, a guard hastily brought her a small, but substance filled meal of vegetable soup, buttered bread, and a well seasoned piece of meat. The guard was taken aback by the woman’s face, he was told of a shrouded woman, but didn’t expect her t be youthful. The woman took the meal and thanked the guard, who left the room stunned. Soon after this, the same guard entered the room and introduced himself: “Hello, my name is Jack. I am terribly sorry for what happened in the throne room, the king silently ordered us to do. If you don’t already know, he can’t really trust many people right now.”

The woman told him that it wasn’t really a big deal, and that she came to help with these problems. “I’ve already healed myself, you shouldn’t worry of me.”

The knight responded to her with a series of questions, verifying her business with the king. The woman then told the knight that her name was Alice. The knight and Alice continued to talk, and eventually the knight took her to the king. Upon entry to the throne room, the king asked her one question: “How did you know my name?”

Alice responded “Your name is known throughout the land as the king whose people hate him.”

The king then inquired about her claim that she can help. Alice responded “Yes, as you can tell, I know some magic, and I believe I can help. Before you’re crisis, you did a great favor to my family, and I’m paying off the debt.”

The king hastily agreed and led Alice as they walked to the balcony at the top of the tallest spiral. Once outside, Alice then remarked of how that you could watch everything from her point. Then the king suggested starting, and Alice began her chant. Like her healing Adam before, her chant started in a whisper. Soon all of the inner city could her screams. About the time her screams started to be a shrill screech, the city erupted in panic. She ended her chant with a simple word: “Nazeek”

The city instantly grew quiet. At this time, the king quietly asked what Alice what she had done, and she remarked: “I simply calmed them down, and let them see you’re true greatness, and the errors of their ways.”

The next day, the king awoke to a soft rap on his chamber doors. He prompted them to come in, and the doors opened to find a guard with a pale and exasperated expression. “There is a flood of people at the gates; they demand to see you immediately. This time, they aren’t fuming, they appear to be filled with remorse and they want to apologies.”

The king, awestruck, left his chambers, still in his sleepwear down to the inner gates. As a few guards hastily opened the gates, the king stood awestruck as the citizens were knelling. One of the citizens stood and said: “We have wronged you, and we wish to make recompense for our wrongdoings.”

The king slowly walked outside to make a speech, only to have an assassin drop from the open doorframe. As he turned to face the warrior clad in black, the assassin slit his throat. As the king fell, the citizens yelled in unison: “The king is dead! May he suffer in the afterlife for his mistakes he never changed!”

Chapter 1:

“What did I do now?” Jason muttered to himself.

As he walked downstairs, he noticed out of the window there were some strange men outside of his door. As he entered his houses main room, Jason started to say “I know that I di-”

He froze when he saw the knights in his home. “Jason, the former king’s men need to talk to you.” Said his mother hapily.

One of the men started to drone on as if he rehearsed and repeated his message many times “Ah yes, Jason, as you probably have been told, today is the 10th anniversary of the king’s death. It has come to our attention that your mother is actually the kings 3rd cousin. Seeing that you are the eldest boy of the newest generation, and the closest blood relative still alive to the king, we see it fit to examine you, and see if you can possibly-”

The man stopped talking as, for the first time, he saw Jason. Jason knew exactly what the guard was thinking: A boy with tattered clothes and dirty posture? Of course, the chancellor just had to send me. Jason reluctantly said “Ok, I know you disapprove of me, let’s just get this over with for both of us.”

The guards collectively shared a surprised face. “Be nice to them, you will have to take a pretty grueling series of tests. I know it’s sudden, but I’ve already cleared you’re schedule. Don’t worry, I love you, and you really need to leave as soon as possible.”

“All right, I’ll come, anything I’ll need?” Jason reluctantly answered.

“No, you need nothing. We need to leave.” The guard prompted

Jason followed the guard out of his door. Upon exit the guards circled around Jason to protect him from the onslaught of citizens. The work of the citizens was fruitless to getting to Jason. Jason started to get worried just as the castle doors started to open.

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