The Green Stone (Part 1)

September 29, 2013
By john19 SILVER, Greensboro, North Carolina
john19 SILVER, Greensboro, North Carolina
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“Yes! School is over, thank god!” Roy shouted as he jumped down the school stairs on his way home. It was Friday and his parents were out of town for the weekend. Roy planned to use the time he had wisely and do what ever he wanted.

He took a shot cut through the woods that were in front of his house instead of going all the way around them. He thought it would be faster to go down an old trail no one used any more so he would not have to stop and talk to anyone. While running down the path, he forgot to watch his step and slipped on a rock. As he fell he hit his head on a rock hard and passed out. When he awoke there was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen standing over him with her hand pressed to his cheek. He tried to speak but she stopped him before any words were said.

“My name is Hope and you need to come with me.” Hope said
“What happened to me? Where am I?” Roy asked but she did not answer him. She took off running and Roy had no choice but to go after her if he wanted answers. She lead him to a part of the forest she had never before or even knew was there. She stopped in a clearing and turned towards him with a stone in her hands. The stone was glowing green.

“You have been chosen to protect this world and the people who live on it. You will be given the power to do this when you touch this rock. The gods of long ago placed it here for it to choose one person who would stop the evil that once walked the earth. Roy took the stone in his hand, when the stone touched his skin there was a blinding flash of light and Roy was forced to close his eyes.

Roy opened his eyes slowly and in his was a sword instead of a stone. He did not know what happened to the stone until he looked at the hilt of the sword and saw the stone.

“Hmm, so this is the true form of the stone.” Said Hope. “This means that whatever evil you will be facing knows how to use a sword and you will too. Your training shall start in a week.” With a touch of her forehead Hope disappeared.

Roy was in a daze as he walked home. He did not seem to notice that it was still Friday afternoon. He sat the sword on his bed and went to take a shower to clear his head. He had so many questions running through his head. What kind of evil would he have to face? Who were these gods that Hope had talked about like they were still around? Nothing made any sense but hopefully he would get his answers when he saw her on Monday. Until then he would still try to enjoy his weekend as best as he could.

The next day, Roy went to the gym for his morning workout. As he started to lift he noticed that the weight felt really light so he moved the weight up and it was still light. So for the next hour he kept moving the weight up till the bar could not hold any more. He started to wonder if this was one of the powers Hope was talking about. As he walked home, he thought about what other things he could do and how strong he really was now. For the rest of the day and Sunday, all he did was stay at home and not do anything for he was afraid that he would do something that would destroy the house.

Monday came and went Roy could not focus in school, all he thought about was seeing Hope and finding out what he could really do with his powers. He could finially impress Carlie and take her out on a date. Then he could beat up Jake who always makes fun of him for not having a girlfriend and not having any friends.
Roy had to hide the sword in his locker all day until that finial bell rang. He ran to his locker as fast as he could. He threw his books in, grabbed the sword and slammed the door shut as he took off down the hall way. But what he did not know was that both Carlie and Jake had saw what he was doing and followed him deep into the woods. As he came into the clearing hope was already waiting for him but this time there was a man with her who was holding a huge sword.
“Get ready Roy, your training starts now.” Said the man as he raised the sword above his head and charged at Roy.

The author's comments:
This piece will be part of a series that I will write.

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