The Blood Colony

July 26, 2013
As Alana ran, she smelled the smelly smell of chicken grease. The zombie that was chasing her had just tried to kill her with a vat of the stuff. Alana stop only for a moment to throw a pencil at the zombie because she thought she might hit it and slow it down. She was wrong, dead wrong. As soon as the zombie caught up with her, his claw tore into her side and infected her with the terrible blood plague. Then, she woke up.

Alana had drifted off to sleep on her desk because of the large amount of complaint letters from the blood plague colony. Although the victims were treated fairly, they still complained as everybody died around them. “MISS ALANA YOU HAVE A THRONG OF PEOPLE OUTSIDE YOUR DOOR!”, screeched the loud speaker in her room. Alana got up to open her door, and there was indeed a throng of people. Over twenty stood outside her door either to complain about the alarming rate of zombie growth or the treatment of people with the plague. Even though the door outside the capitol building said NO ANIMALS, Alana saw a pig,cow,and several chickens. One at a time the people were welcomed into her office. Although there were many people, the line died very quickly. Alana thought to herself “ I must be a miracle worker after all.”, and she chortled at the thought.

On her way home that night Alana stopped to watch as a conflict went down outside of her apartment building. She wanted to stop it because it was a little guy vs. a huge zombie. By the time she arrived, it was too late to do anything. The zombie had already destroyed the little man. Alana quickly pulled out her shotgun, which was standard among capitol employees, and fired right through the evil being. By the time it looked down the barrel of the gun, it knew it had performed its last transgression. Now that the zombie was destroyed, Alana could continue down the street to her house.

After she arrived home, she noticed something strange outside her window. Three types of people just walked up the road as if they owned it. One was a jolly looking character even though he only had one arm. The second seem to be strait out of a crazy house, and the third was a person made up of nature. Now that Alana had seen these people she knew she must have gone crazy. Little did Alana know that all these people were real and that they all had the plague.

Alana woke with such a start she almost knocked over her nightstand. She had had a horrible dream about the three people she had seen. They had tried to infect her with the plague and she had shot them all with her shotgun. As Alana looked around, she realized that it was not a dream and that the three bodies were still there infecting her. “I’m going to die!”, she screamed and, she gathered the main things she knew she would need and ran out the door of her office . Some of the things she grabbed were; paper, eraser and a fire extinguisher. “What am I doing?”, she thought and placed the extinguisher back in its place. When she left her office for the final time, she looked around and remembered her times of happiness and left to live in the Blood Plague colony.

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