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July 19, 2013
The terrain was solid all over the place. The sky was almost a shade of pink. There was nothing else but me.

I jolt forward. It was them again. I didn't know who they are or what they were, but they controlled me. When I moved and when I stayed still. When I could see and when I couldn't.

I kept moving forward, my eyes locked in front of me.
I stop and my head turns to right, then the left. I look forward again and start moving again. I start exploring again.

It's been a while since I've stopped. I notice the sun beginning to lower, the sky darkening behind it and me.

I stop.

They are going to shut me off. They always do at this time.

I wait... nothing.

Then I see it.
The sun is right in my line of vision, a portion of it hiding behind a ridged hill.
In that moment I feel something I've never felt before. I feel happy, amazed, astounded...there weren't any words to describe it. I wonder the people who control me. Are they seeing this? How do they feel?

I look down. No, they can't be sending me to the darkness, I haven't finished seeing it.
But, in that moment, I see something else. Letters. They spell a word. Curiosity.

My name was Curiosity.

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