July 14, 2013
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i woke up from my nightmare.
the 8th time this week.
memories flashing of the fanged thing
teeth gnawing and gnashing
screeching, moaning
at unimaginable levels.
it seems everytime i close my eyes, there it is.
waiting for me, so it can continue its meal.
i try to explain to my mom, what i see.
friends, family, even strangers and myself being gutted and eaten by these massive, terrifying creatures.
winged like a bat, except its wingspan is over 20 feet wide.
the head of a crow, with red beady, intimidating eyes, and those horrible, mangled, sharp teeth.
it uses its claws to shred the skin, as easily as we would shred a paper.
my mom says its normal for boysmy age to endure night terrors. but this, this is much different. i can smell the breath of them, feel their talons shred my skin, its too vivid to be a dream. it feels too different. and they keep getting worse, even when i blink, or close my eyes for a second, it all comes back. my friends, as the week goes on, they won't talk to me. they won't look at me. they're afraid. they all think i'm crazy, but i know i'm right. this is no dream, and i know it.
the final night, i went to bed just like every night, and i dreamed the same dream. the people, running in chaos, the shrill screams of the women, the disturbing sight of these gruesome creatures slaughtering the town. except, when i woke up. i heard it all. for real this time, i ran out of my room, out of my house, and watched as my dream came true before my eyes.
they slaughtered and killed and tortured. just like every night. i felt the teeth gnawing on my bones, just as i did every night.
"stop! stop! stop! why can't i wake up!"
i dreamed the same dream, just like every night, except this time, i wouldn't wake up.

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