Goodnight and Goodbye

July 4, 2013
Goodnight world. I hope that your roller coaster of a ride has been an adventure for you, that your stirred misconceptions of reality lay peacefully at rest within the crumbling walls of your deteriorating thoughts. I wish that the pillow you rest your fatigued shoulders against softens the bruises that your hostess has inflicted. I trust that you agree and continue forward with your journey into a blissful sleep. Those pinkend eyes of yours has lost its color of radiance and sparkling elatedness. The unique euphoria that has taken hold of your wrists and pulled you forward, helped you to rotate the world, has diminished into a melancholy halt in your ride. There's no longer a glimpse of that lovely green and blue, only the mirrored self of something that has succumbed underneath the pounding fists of reality and truth.

I can see that you have fallen into a deep and forgetting unconsciousness. You've already said your silent goodnight, but immersed below those bashful word, I sense that they were goodbyes as well. I accept that. I reconcile with the idea that you will never spin around like you use to. I understand that I will sit beneath the stars and peer up toward your tranquility of a face, unfurrowed beautiful brows and gently tinted blue lips. I perceive the fact that you will never awake to the kisses of this reality, but continue to slip quietly into your own appealing one. Goodnight world and have the comforting consciousness that you finally rest to. Goodbye.

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