Nowhere waits for you

June 10, 2013
You walk in this new land, your eyes searching for something you know. Maybe you’ll see Mrs. Janis nagging at that dang dog, or the green street lamp with the chipping paint at the end of your block, or the light pink roses that can be found in the grass.

You keep walking, staring at the blue and yellow sky, and soon you realize that you are far from home, because at home skies are light blue during the day, and orange, pink, and yellow at sunset, and dark blue at night, but they’re never all those colors at the same time.

The breeze kicks up, sending chills down your spine. You have nowhere to sleep, nowhere to eat, nowhere to sit by a fire: you have nowhere and nothing. So you keep walking, looking for something.

Michael said you’d be too scared to jump down that well. “You’ll never do it ‘cause you’re only a girl!” And you are just a girl. A girl who’s finally learned to listen.

You jumped and you fell. You fell down and down and down, and now you’re here. Nowhere.

So girl, you have a choice. You can stay here in nowhere where the clocks fly around you to indicate a year on Earth has passed. Each flattened clock shows the possibilities you’ve missed where the sky only stays one color.

Or you can wake up from this dream and be haunted with the callings of nowhere, the ticking of these clocks and know that one day you’ll return.
Because nowhere waits for you.

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Pafjb said...
Jun. 24, 2013 at 11:16 pm
I wish Dali's work was pictured with this article.  Makes it more powerful.
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