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Raising Nature

Jazz walked back to the cabin the next day as slow as she could. The forest had an eerily still presence that day as if it was mourning with her. she had no idea what to do. Where to turn to? she mended trees and shrubbery on her way delaying her walk even more. When she finally got the old cabin she sat outside it for a very long time attempting gather her thoughts. She was bound to this place now, giving up civilization for nature. Not even her aunt was here to talk to now. She would need to burn her things in remembrance and maybe it would help her new beginning. She was the guardian for this place now it would die without her. A newborn fawn stumbled behind its mother a few yards in front of her still fresh with birth. The mother kept walking but the fawn stopped and peered into Jazz's eyes with love. She could feel every living thing that depended on her in that moment from this fawn to a decomposing tree supporting new life. It was as if she had just birthed a child. All the hurt released from her and was replaced by only the love a mother could know. She wasn't alone but surrounded by life that depended on her more than anyone she had ever depended on. This was her ultimate purpose in life and such innocence of this fawn had made her appreciate that. The fawn released her and hurled towards its mother.

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