The End

June 8, 2013
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What would you do if you knew the world would end tomorrow?

People panicked. They were desperate to see family and friends during their last hours. The airports and expressways became so clogged that all transportation was closed down. Cars, buses, planes, trains- none of them went anywhere except the cars, and they mainly went off the road. Besides, there was nobody to fly the planes, drive buses, operate trains or control traffic. Everybody who would have, normally, was busy themselves. Why should they spend their last day on earth serving faceless customers?

Of course, not everybody thought immediately of family. Those who had no just-born nieces, adult sons and daughters, or cousins in Australia, or grandparents in Florida… they did one of two things. They either stayed home and did things they enjoyed, or they turned to looting. Nobody was too good to loot, because in seventeen hours (and twenty-five minutes, counting, counting, twenty-four minutes now) nobody would even exist anymore.

The finding-family scramble was absolute chaos, but there was one family that nobody could find. Not the neighbors, not the teachers, not the grandparents, not the friends.

Nobody could find Luke's family. Hard as they looked, they couldn't find Luke's mom, his dad, or even his little brother. People assumed they were dead, and they grieved. But not too hard because everybody would be dead soon, and perhaps it was easier this way. Easier because neither Luke nor that sweet little brother of his would have to see the hell that ensued.
Except, they must not have looked quite hard enough.

Because Luke's family had gone to Six Flags.

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