May 28, 2013
It all started on a cold winter day. Everyone was playing outside and having fun. They were making snowmen and having snow ball fights. Everyone was having a nice time till something changed the whole world.
“Dude, I just saw someone’s face get eaten off, what should I do?” Tim asked John
“Who all have you told?” John responded.
“Just you, I was on my way over, then right there on the other side of the street the incident happened.”
“Ok, come show me where it happened.”

They went over to where the event happened on the other side of the street. There was blood everywhere, but nobody was there.
“What in the world! Tim what exactly happened?” John wondered.
Just as Tim was about to explain, something in the bushes was moving around; sounds of rubble. Tim was confused and went over slowly to investigate. As Tim bent over to see what was going on, something grabbed him by his head and pulled him into the bushes.

“Tim, what the heck!” As soon as John was done talking, Tim’s body was thrown out of the bushes. His body made a thud noise when it hit the ground. John ran over to the body, but the body had no head. “OH MY GOSH!!!” Then he ran to the police station, which was located in the middle of town. On the way there all he saw were people dying, fires burning; the town was chaos.
Once he arrived at the police station, he had found that hundreds of people were already there acting crazy, covered in blood from head to toe. All he could hear was:

He tried to talk to a cop, but they all were too busy. They were running around trying to get people help. All of a sudden, there were gun shots. Everyone got scared and stared acting even crazier. John started to ask people, “What happened?” People told him that some people had been eaten, some were dying from bites then coming back to life and trying to bite other people! Many people believed the only way to make the monsters stop was to kill them by destroying the brain. John finally figured out the monsters were zombies!

John looked frightened and his eyes were wild with fear as he ran home, only to find his family dead. Blood smeared on the walls. There were holes in the walls. It was terrible; bodies ripped apart, guts everywhere. He started to cry, but he stopped when he saw his dad holding his mom in his arms in the kitchen, covered in blood as well. He ran up to him and cried “What happened?”
“They… those things, those creatures killed her… she’s dead.” Part of his mom’s neck were missing. It looked like bite and scratch marks.

“Dad, Tim was killed also; something ripped off his head! I went to the police station and tried to asked around and people said that the monsters were zombies.”
Just as he was done talking, his mom started to move. There was groaning and growling sounds coming from her throat. Tim and his father just stared at her in confusion.
“No, there are no such things as zombies. Look, your mom is moving!” His dad leaned in close to talk to her. When he was just a few inches away from her face, she sat up and bit him and then she started to eat him. She started on his neck, biting in to a vein with blood going everywhere, not giving up; she was driven by the blood and started to eat his insides.
John was horrified and he just ran. He didn’t give up on running; he was frightened. He ran all the way to Jim’s house on the other side of town.

He went in just to see Jim setting in the hallway covered in blood. “Are you alright Jim?”
Jim looked up slowly. “They’re all dead, my dad, my mom, my sister, my brother. They’re all dead.” Jim was overwhelmed and felt like taking his own life after the accident.
“Yeah, it’s just me left also. My mom just ate my dad and Tim, well he is in a better place now.”
“No, not Tim to!” once Jim heard this he began to cry.

“Dude we are the last two in our families. We have to stick together if we want to live. Let’s go see if Bill is alright.”
They headed out to Bill’s house and it was a hard struggle to keep in the shadows and sneak passed terrified or dying people and avoid the zombies. When they finally made it to Bill’s house, they were horrified to find dead bodies lying everywhereon his front lawn. There was no green grass, only red. They looked up at the second floor window to see Bill with a M60 light machine gun mounted in the window.

Bill yelled, “Hurry guys, before they get here!” So they ran quickly into the house, but when they went inside they saw Bill’s family in a bloody pile on the floor. Guts were on the ceiling fan, on the TV. Everywhere. They looked to the right and saw Bill’s cat, Mr. Snuggles, stuck to the wall. Five knifes had been thrown at the family pet. One for the tail, the rest for the four paws. Mr. Snuggles was still alive, but trying to bite the two boys. Now the once loving cat had yellow eyes, bloody fur and his ribs could be seen through the gashes in his fur.
“What’s with the cat, and why isn’t it dead like all the rest?” John questioned.
“That’s the zombie devil that killed my family and I’m going to kill it after all this; after we have destroyed all these zombies, that cat is mine!” Bill growled.
“And how did you get the M60?” Jim asked.
“I ripped it off of the dead Marine out there in the yard. Some Army guy saw that I had the gun, so he gave me some more ammo. He was pretty nice. He told me where we could go for safety at some military base, but I’m staying to fight.”
“Ok, do you have any more weapons we can use Bill?” John asked.
“Yeah, I have two katanas, a M4A1, and a 9mm.”

Jim asked for the two guns and John got the two swords. John wasn’t happy to have only gotten the swords because he would have liked a gun, at least. They jumped into a car and headed out to shelter toward the safe zone where no zombies had yet attacked, cool wind flowing through their hair. On the way, Jim had to quickly run into a store for food and supplies for their trip. He would grab hot dogs and bread and canned foods and water. His guns were clanking against each other and gathering attention. As he was walking into the store, something jumped out from behind the counter and attacked. He yelled for help and John came running in and quickly used his swords to kill the attacker. It turned out he was just a terrified man who had been afraid of the sound of the guns clanking as John walked to the store. Once Jim had calmed down, he got up just in time to see a dead man that was still trying to protect his family. Jim told the family he was sorry, then he grabbed what he needed and left. He didn’t want to hang around and watch the man turn into a zombie and then turn on his family.
They arrived at the safe zone only to find no one was there. They looked around and found dead bodies everywhere, still looking terrified. They made their way to check out a nearby hanger, only to find it was full of dead bodies with blood scattered everywhere and bones sticking out of the mangled bodies. A distant sound caused them to turn around, only to see hundreds of zombies coming toward them from out of the woods. The boys could not run, so they attacked the zombies, but suddenly the corpses lying around the hanger rose up and joined in the battle from behind. They hadn’t thought the bodies were going to turn into zombies because all their heads had been destroyed, but nothing had made sense for a long time. Suddenly, Bill ran out of ammo and the zombies started ripping him inside and out with blood spraying everywhere. He was screaming like no other and then Jim was the next to go down. He had both his arms and legs ripped off one at a time. He was screaming in pain. The sounds of bones cracking and zombies groaning filled the air.

Just as John was about to die, with zombies crawling all over him and his life’s blood spilling on the floor around him, he woke up. He was breathing hard and his muscles were tight with fear, but as he looked around his room, he slowly realized it had all been a horrible dream. He was still in his house, still in his bed and the walls were clean. No signs of blood anywhere. He jumped out of bed and ran outside. Everything was back to normal. Kids were playing and having fun at the nearby park. His dad and mom were sitting on the front porch drinking hot chocolate. Everything was fine. Nothing seemed to have changed. Then John thought of his three friends and wanted to see if they were ok. He called Tim and Jim to just check in and they were fine. But when he called Bill, his friend was screaming about how he had just found their families’ pet cat, Mr. Snuggles, crucified on the kitchen wall with five knifes pinning the screeching creature to the paneling, while blood dripped from gashes that exposed his ribs. Bill was confused and crying, but John was scared beyond belief.

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