Down The rabbit hole.

June 3, 2013
By Bluez BRONZE, Huntsville, Alabama
Bluez BRONZE, Huntsville, Alabama
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Happiness is not something you obtain, its something you decide.

I entered the Inquisitor’s office, Though i didn’t know why i should, or where I even was. I just knew I was here to see the Inquisitor. There was a man centered in the room, typing on a keyboard. He looked up coldly at me, and then motioned for me to take a seat opposite from him. He reverted his gaze back to his computer monitor and continued ticking away on his keyboard. The desk was a longer one, putting an almost uncomfortable distance between the two of us. I looked up, hesitantly, but the Inquisitor paid no attention to me, but just continued typing on the computer in front of him. The Inquisitor was a balding man, attired in a simple gray suit. Though, there was something about him that was just unnerving, but i couldn’t quite tell. Maybe it was because his eyes where the shade of eroded cobble.
The only color came through the small rectangular window at the back of the small rectangular room.I couldn't see anything out of it besides what looked like the morning sky. The ticking went on for what seemed like an eternity before the Inquisitor abruptly stopped. He mechanically swiveled his arms up onto the desk and rested his pointed chin upon his hands.
“Name, please,” he drawled.
“Quinn Johnson,” I replied quietly.
“Country of birth”
I opened my mouth but nothing came out, surely i couldn’t forget where I was born.
“The United States”
That sounded right. I think. But how would he know this? And why? I started to panic a bit.
“Where are we?”
“Where do you think we are?” he articulated.
“Well, I mean, I don't know! Heaven!? Some weird Limbo world?”
“ I wouldn’t consider this place either”
“This must be some vivid dream of sorts” I muttered
“Well, it could be”
“Who are You!” I practically yelled, exasperated
“I am the Inquisitor, but you already know that, so why would you ask?” he wore a look of genuine confusion.”I will answer any questions that you may have for me if YOU can answer one question that i have.”
I was getting tired with this guy’s ambiguousness.
“Do you have the will to live?” Well I would certainly hope so.
“Yes, i think so” i replied
“You may ask me two questions,” The inquisitor held up two fingers, as if I was too daft to count.
What is he playing at?
“What happened to ‘I will answer any questions you may have,”. I said with a frown.
The Inquirer let out a dramatic sigh “I said I would answer any questions that you had, though I did NOT say that i would answer an unlimited number of those questions. One question left.”
It was my turn to sigh.
“Okay then, so who are you, really.”
“If you are asking for a basic summarization, of myself you could say that I am the one who gauges the purity and capacity of ones who wish to enter this land. “Since that was a sentence, do i get another sentence?” The inquisitor had a look that i would only be able to describe as sarcasm on his face.
“And what would your last question be?”
“Where are we?”
The Inquisitor gave me a thin smile
“Why that would be the place of all lost souls, the wonderful land of wonderland!”

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