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May 18, 2013
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Light sparkled down upon me, calling for my eyes to open. It danced upon my body tempting me to resist. Unable to, I slowly exposed my vulnerable eyes to the bitterly harsh environment around me. Blinking in utter shock, I stared at this strange new world. The ground was covered in a thick blanket of snow while trees were sporadically disrupting the smooth sheet of perfection. As my attention shifted to the trees, I noticed that they were made of the most reflective and glass like ice I had ever seen. It jarred off at random points to fan out into hundreds of delicately thin branches. The way that they all seemed to twist together made it hard to tell where one branch ended and the other began. As breath taking as the trees themselves where, their most striking feature were there leaves. Icy daggers fell, making it appear as though every inch of branch was covered in magnificent waterfalls. While gawking at them, the wind picked up causing them to all shift back and forth which led to light reflected off of them in a blinding fashion. Quickly looking down, I found that my petite figure had been masked by a flowing silver dress that lay all around me. Feeling empowered, I began to sit up and gather my gown. While preparing to stand, I was stopped dead in my tracks when a sharp blade of ice fell from the trees and pierced through the snow where I had just rested. Staggering to my feet, I quickly walked forward.

Minutes from when I started, I reached a break in the trees. A large circle was formed of completely flat, untouched white. Walking into the ring, I saw a large shape in the distance. My curiosity took control and I proceeded towards it. The closer I got to it, the larger it became until I was standing beside the towering figure. Looking up at it, I couldn’t tell where it ended. Stepping back to get a better look at it, I found that it seemed to resemble a… a door. Quickly my theory was proven correct. Door handle and everything, it was obviously a door of some sort. Figuring there was nothing else better I could try, I opened the strange anomaly. Pure blackness met my gaze and I found myself being sucked in towards it. Terror consumed me as I was taken into the darkness. Strangely enough, at the exact moment I went into the door I came out. Relief flooded through my veins as I smiled at where it had taken me. I was back in bedroom waking up from a dream.

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