Lone Survivor

May 14, 2013
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When we arrive at the new planet, we will be saved. By 3157, Earth was dank and almost always dark, and much of its land had been swallowed by its slowly rising ocean. Scientists had found a new planet, beyond the Milky Way, which could sustain life. The government- or what was left of it- had informed its citizens that there would be shuttles to and from the new planet, so every person would be taken to start over at the new planet. Far below Earth's atmosphere, Lorraine, a middle aged woman, was cruising along the freeway. She was one of the last to board the shuttle that would take her to the new planet. The moon glanced down upon the silver car, its rays soft against the leather seats. The hiss and crash of the ocean seeped through the window, its waves clashing against the grainy sand. Lorraine smiled as she parked the car. She hopped out of the car, ready to unload her luggage. Crunch- she looked down, thinking it might be gravel. But it wasn't- she gasped, stepped back, and looked wildly about her as she realized there were hundreds of flyers all over the ground, all of which read FLIGHTS TERMINATED. Lorraine dropped to her knees, silent, shocked. The takeoff site for 3FG4729X was abandoned.

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Kimono7 said...
May 25, 2013 at 12:20 am
Nice! what happens at the end?
sUnnyhOney said...
May 25, 2013 at 12:18 am
This story is so good! Keep up the great work!
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