The bronze dragon

May 7, 2013
By , Herriman, UT
Another dragon flew free in the beautiful sky. Clouds separated from each other as its tail flicked and charged down. It was a bronze dragon that soon became hungry and swooped down to helpless sheep in which it ate. It flew up again to an empire where it landed with great pride as it marched to the castle and blew the doors down with flame. It marched until it reached a well made throne. It smiled most wickedly in a most toothy smile but who sat on the throne was her majesty Queen marie. She jumped up as her red dragon nyra burst threw the wall and landed on the dragon as nyra blew flame at the bronze dragon. It lunged back and blew more flame at the nyra but the queen jumped up and touched the muzzle but the dragon threw her up “that should have worked” she thought “I will have to bring out my sword” She dung into a bag and pulled out her sword and fought the dragon and she did not fail nor did she kill the dragon. It was put in a cave where it will dwell nor threaten anyone however Queen marie was rather curious to why the dragon would attack her so she researched in her library to find the reason because she knew something was coming..........

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