Elfish Nightmares

May 6, 2013
By Alex_Writer GOLD, West Palm Beach, Florida
Alex_Writer GOLD, West Palm Beach, Florida
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My breath quickened as I pounced from rock to rock. Footholds were hard to find unless you had feet like mine. I never have fallen, and never will. 75 miles an hour without stopping, slow for my age. Maybe I didn’t have the speed, but I could trick anyone. The quiver and arrows, slung onto my back, shook like a human’s rattle. I’ve never actually seen on but I’ve heard stories about the annoying pain they bring to our ears. Ears. Those things were the fashion statement in our world. Each pair is unique: long or short but pointy was the key. Mine are shorter but the tips are more stubble than long pointy ones. So many things crowd my head, but all I want to know or see is what there is outside my elfish world. Elves, elves. That’s all I see or hear, they say it’s too dangerous to show ourselves to the mortal world. But all I wanted was a human friend.

I shook my head, trying to remove the nonsense from my brain. Focusing my eyes on what was ahead, I sped up. Hunting was the key and I needed to kill at least one buck today. My feet shot from rock to tree then rock again, anything but the noisy leaves below. Noises crowded my ears as I tried to find the rustle of a tail, the cry to a mate. Anything. Suddenly, I heard the soft hard hooves of a buck. My heart skipped a beat as I quickened, faster, faster. Almost there, one step after then next in a constant motion not missing a single prance. Then, as if time slowed down itself, the sight of a city passed by my eyes and I didn’t take my eyes away. Time sped up again and my foot came down fast with it. For the first time in my life, I missed. My body was shot down a steep rugged cliff and I blacked out.

“She’s definitely dead, Tom. Look at her face, it’s really pale…” a female voice echoed through my ears and my eyes shot open. “Never mind looks like she is not dead.”

I sat up quickly and backed away slowly, not knowing what was really happening. As my eyes adjusted I saw three figures standing in front of me. Humans. Voices blurred around my head, as I jumped to my feet, ready to sprint. The figures started to move as I staggered, trying to get away. A pair of arms reaches out and guides me back to the ground. Slowly, everything becomes into focus and a young boy’s face looks over me.

I learned English when I was younger so I tried my best, “What happened?”

“I’m leaving. This was a whole joke, perfectly okay after a fall like that? I think not,” said the older boy roughly and he and the girl started their long walk away.

Looking around, I noticed we were in some type of parking lot. Only a few types of machines were here. Did they call them cars? They had a horrifying sound to them that stung at my ears. The ground dug into my smooth hands as each rock pricked my skin. The city loomed in the distance, we were at the outskirts of city right now and the wonders waited inside. My nerves were on end right now, all I wanted to do was run, but my pain was an anchor to my body. The younger boy loomed over me with shaggy hair hanging above his eyes. I hoped my hair was covering my ears right now.

“You fell from the top of that cliff, pretty hard too. I don’t really know how you survived but here you are, almost perfectly okay. I’m David by the way,” his eyes shined with astonishment

I peered over to the cliff and noticed it wasn’t very high. It must have been high for a human though, “Where are we?”

This question pondered at the thought and he looked around, “Well we’re at the outskirts of the city. It seems like you’re not from around here.”

A slight sight of a group of girls was walking in the distance. The Tigress. I thought they were extinct! They must be living in the mortal world now, hidden from the unknown races. Jumping to my feet, I run behind a bush a couple feet away. David slid behind the bush at my heels. His face was a bit confused and store into my eyes. I sighed and pushed him farther behind. Peering over the bush, I watched as The Tigress walked with some type of swagger. They looked like assassins, each one of them fierce with scars. I shivered at the thought of approaching them.

“What’s wrong? They’re just a group of girls, looking more innocent then when they were a child,” David asked curiously.

He must see them as something else, does he see me as something else? “Yeah, I’m just a bit jumpy from the fall.” What was that response?

David peered over the bush and came back down to stare back at me, “They’re gone now so don’t worry. Whatever you’re worried about it’s fine now. “

I jumped up and started to run. Something weird when he said that happened. I don’t know but inside I felt closer to him than any human before. Well he was the only human I ever met but it felt as though we were friends. Why would I ever think that friends? I ran faster and faster, not to fast though so it would be abnormal to him. I heard his footsteps behind me. Then suddenly I stopped and sobbed. Sitting down, I shoved my face in my hands and cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. David came over to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.
That was when I figured out, I had a human friend.

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