May 3, 2013
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"Tell me why is it that we can't live, tell me why is we can't live a free life"

I told him that there would be hope for us one day. But he just wouldn't listen to me or anyone else. Scott just kept on with the same stuff, the same idea he always had.

Scott couldn't help but just going full throttle on his eventual crash on life. Maybe just maybe he would stop but he never did. One day Scott told me that he was going to find a new lease on life and stop with his down spiral. This gave me hope that we could have a better life and eventually become better people for it.

Then one day Scott isn't home at his usual time, so i visit one of the spots, he usually hangs around. One of his friends tell me he overheard him talking to some, weird looking guys with cuts on their arms. I immediately began to think these were some emos and Scott just went full emo on me. His friend tells that they looked like they were heading down to the abandoned gun factory.

I go down to the factory with an intention of taking him home and talking about this. I arrive at the factory, with the cold air gnawing at my ears every passing minute. I break a couple of wood planks to find my way in. As I arrive closer and closer I hear some type of chanting. It sounds like they’re getting more and more hyped and excited for what is going on.

I find myself behind a barrel watching the events taking place. Those "emo guys" appear to be standing in a circle with their heads down and their hoods on. The chanting they were doing was reminiscent of a movie I had heard before, something about a kid with a love of doing bad things. I couldn't for the life of me think of the name of the movie but i kept trying to remember it.

The men in the circle backed away and lifted up their hoods. I saw Scott emerge from the surrounding darkness covered in his own self-confidence. I had never seen him move with such bravado and self-assurance.
Scott told them each to take a step back and watch him. I wasn’t sure whether to step in and interrupt whatever he was doing or just keep watching what he was doing. The curiosity managed to out-match the concern. Besides he didn’t seem like he was doing anything wrong, especially compared to his past misdeeds. Scott was just in a circle with some weird looking “emo guys” I couldn’t help but keep watching a and seeing the next thing that would happen. Scott stood in the circle for a moment then he raised his hands to the air and a red glow began to shine from his hands. I could hear the “emo guys” chanting continuously, that same weird language, I still couldn’t pinpoint the movie, all I know is that it was an old one that Scott had been watching recently. Every time he did, it always seemed to suck him more and more into the world that was created. A world where people aren’t equal but people our age have the better hand at life.

The glow continued to shine until I noticed something that disgusted me I almost vomited. As the light grew and grew, in brightness and intensity, so did he. Before I knew it he started to grow taller and even his arms grew in size. He started to even levitate above the ground if not only a few feet off the ground. I immediately began to stand up and try to tip-toe to the circle. I began to yell out for him and my screams were unheard. Surprisingly the other guys didn’t do anything all they did was look at Scott. There gaze upon him looked as if they were idolizing him. It was odd to me, all these years knowing him, and he never seemed like something to look up to.

I continuously kept screaming his name until he responded to me. He turned his head and looked down at me with great anger and furious intent. He dropped down and created a shockwave through the building and knocked down various objects around the place. A wave of destruction hit upon impact which was immediately felt by the whole room. Suddenly all of his “emo friends” fell just as I did. I looked up and immediately saw Scott float down to the ground and kneel down on his knees. He looked me in the face and his face was charred, bruised, and battered beyond all compare. I couldn’t even begin to understand what had taken place or what would happen next. All I knew is that I just wanted this to end and to take him home.

“End this day and the next”

I wrapped up Scott in the robe they had lying around and walked him home. He took small steps at first but then he regained his leg strength. I could tell that he was hurt mentally and physically. If I was in his position then I would have too. Surprisingly the “emo guys” didn’t follow us, I guess they were done with Scott, maybe even scared of him. I didn’t care about any of that, I just knew Scott was in pain. So I set him to rest on the couch and set some blankets on him. He quickly fell asleep after that and I joined him soon after.

But I remember before I joined him in the nocturnal rest he kept quietly saying “Organism, Organism, Organism”

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