April 25, 2013
By christopher1 BRONZE, Beverly, Massachusetts
christopher1 BRONZE, Beverly, Massachusetts
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I wake up from my sleeping pod, Mine is the fourth down in a line of 20. I sit up from my quarters to put my metal legs on, As I'm doing so I start to count how long it has been, How long I have been here. It's been seven years, Eight months and almost a week since I have last seen the outside, Since I last saw my family, My brothers and sisters. All of my fellow beings agreed from the beginning of this was too remember, Remember everything from being on earth. But we have forgotten. My fellow beings have been here longer than me, many year and even decades working. They we all yearn for the ability to remember. The goal we all want to reach, The place we want to get back to. But we all knew we wouldn't be accepted back.

My name is Sherman. Good, I can still remember my name. They almost took that away. The one thing I truly have left. I lived in Aust...Austria? Wherever that may be, It is my home, My outside. I can only remember a few days of my life up until my enslavement in this hellish inside facility! The outside, It’s a nice place, Green plants and warmth. But not for me anymore, The vacuum of space confines me to this place, Steel plates, Conveyor belts and heavy wires are all I see and work with. This place that I live is the Earth’s power supplier, we mine and filter Helium-3 for the Cold fusion reactors down on Earth, that is their main power supply, We mine and work on the moon.

Seeing things without my original eyes isn't that great, With these mechanic eyes I can see more then normal, But then...THEY can also see what I see, There even in my head! So if I tried to run away that would be no good, There wouldn't be a place to run to. We LIVE on the moon. What am I? Am I even human anymore? What am I but flesh and metal scrap? With metal plates covering my face and everything just above my mouth, I hated it. I could never sleep the way I wanted to, Thinking about sleep why wasn't everyone else awake? Only my pod had open! It is strange, All of the pod’s open in the morning, and that had meant time for work. We would be either out in the fields, Or in the refineries. I had gotten up to look down into the hall, I can see the barracks door is open with a red light flashing, From what I can see there are a few people running past the door, They were running, fleeing almost like they are escaping from something. I thought that they might be escaping to the outside. My metal legs ached against my femur as I stood up to walk, but they always do. I exit through the barrack doors and I see horror on these peoples faces. Suddenly another light from the right corridor flashes red and a door immediately shuts down from the ceiling, blocking me from traveling to my right. I look to my left and see about 100 scared humans staring at me in a lobby like area. Some are pounding at the emergency door, I was always moved away from that door, but I knew the password from guards chatting about the it. I walk over to the that door, The emergency exit door in my immobilized walking style. Everyone is staring at me terrified, If I had facial expressions it would be something similar. As I approach the door I see someone vaguely familiar, it father? It was my father! I haven't seen him in seven years and... well it does matter, I start to hobble fast over toward him. His facial expression grows more and more afraid, I reach about 4 feet in front of him when he screams “what do you want with me!?” my smile slowly fades away, I try to say something to him but only a sharp screech comes from my mouth. My father storms over in a flurry and kicks me to the ground. As my back hits the ground he just stares as at me, wonder what I am. I try to make out some kind of a word, I manage with my torn vocals cords to say something like “fa...ther!” “fa...ther, fa...ther” at this point the group that was with my father starts whispering “thats his son” “ looks like he’s with the mining crew” and “I didn't know the poor boy got it that bad...” then they start to look over with solemn faces. I think I can even seen my own father start to display some emotional sadness. He drops the metal pipe in his hand and kneels down next to me and props me up with his arm on my back. He says to me

“son, how did I find you...” with a grieving face. My father rises and yells “do you see what will happen to us if we get caught again! We will get turned into this!” he says to get the group now ancey and ready to go.

“Now we are going to get off this hellish rock and back to Earth, We are going to blow this story sky high!” at this point he starts to look at me, and he pushes me toward the door. With his help I start my way to the emergency door, I pound 1783 into the panel and the door opens dramatically. Inside I can see a hallway with rows of odd colored suits, Then another door at the end of the hallway with an inscription that read ‘Escape Vesse’. I can now see people pushing past me to get their suits on, at this point I can see the door that is near my bunker start to be pounded upon, and trying to be torn open from the other side,

“Someone, everyone! we don't have much time, and you know what they will do to us!” he said flustered. All of my fathers companions have their suits on and are close to the Escape Vessel door. I look around, for I might need a suit, and there isn't any left, I approach my father as he is checking for any other last people.

“oh son. there isn't any thermal suits left, i'll go check on the spaceship.” he says with an odd opinion in his voice. Then at that very moment they bust open the door near the barracks. My father pulls me into the airlock by my shirt and say

“lets go, NOW.”

We run to the escape vessel, With the emergency airlock door behind us ajar. As we get to it’s door I hear one of the people who came with my father yell.

“look ou! there at the door!” and there was something at the emergency door, it was them! It was the combine, the enforcers of this place. One of the combine opens the door and fires a hail of bullets down the airlock. several almost hitting me, And my father gets in unscaved, When i'm about to walk inside one of the bullets ricochet of my metal leg, and another gets me right in the center of my back. I fall inside the cabin of the ship, Gladly some shut the ships door, and I can feel the ship take off.

Sadly I am writing this as my last words. there is paper on this ship and also a pen. I would like to have some written account that I was alive once. The blood is getting everywhere now... Fathers friends tell me they are going to tell people about what happens on the moon, And what they did to me. I hope they can do what they need to do... to get the word out about this... without me.

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