There’s Always a Beginning to an End

April 24, 2013
By AAAaron BRONZE, Gloucester, Massachusetts
AAAaron BRONZE, Gloucester, Massachusetts
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As I came out of the underground chamber the first sight of the sun I had ever seen blinded me for quite a while. I stood outside of the door for some time trying to adjust my eyes to this great light. I started to walk forward and there it was, nothingness just like the rumors had said. For miles all I could see was wasteland with no site of a city or a building or anything for that matter.. Everyone inside had said that everything was gone but I didn’t believe them.

“This can’t be all there is” I said with a feeling of disbelief “There has to be more than this. It can’t just be a wasteland!” I threw my wunderwaffe on the ground. Along with it, I fell to the ground and sat there not knowing what to do next. Hearing footsteps coming up from behind me I braced for anyone who was going to try and stop me. I saw dark colored hand pick up the wunderwaffe. Turning back, I was ready for a fight, and I realized it was my friend Tyrone.

“I told you not to follow me out here Tyrone. Its not safe.”

“You’re my best friend James. Do you really think I would let you go out here alone? Besides, you know you wouldn’t last a day without me anyways.” He extended his hand towards me to help me off the ground. “If we’re gonna find whatever the hell it is you’re looking for, I suggest you get off your sorry butt and start looking.”

I looked at him and smiled.

“I don’t believe this is all that’s left anyways. We just need to find where the last society is. I believe it’s somewhere out in that wasteland.” He helped me up and handed me my wunderwaffe. We started walking to find something we didn’t know existed yet. We didn’t even have a clue as to where it was or what direction it was in. The last civilization on Earth.I was sure it was real.

Tyrone and I started to walk out of the entrance of the chamber and an immediate wave of heat hit my face and I felt like I was melting away. I wasn’t used to this heat because in the chamber it was always the perfect temperature no matter what season it was. I liked this heat.This was my first time actually feeling nature. I had never felt something like this before in my life and it was like nothing I ever could've imagined in the chambers.

I looked around and this time there was a lot more than what I saw last time. There was a giant pit filled with some kind of green glowing liquid and some kind of vehicle in it. I had never seen a vehicle before because the chamber was too small and narrow to hold one. The liquid was glowing a green tint and it had a sort of heat emitting from it. It wasn’t normal though. It felt as though if I touched it, it would burn my skin in an instant.

After I was done staring at this pit we started to get a move on.

“Why do you wanna find this place anyway?”asked Tyrone.

“Because I hated being confined in that hole. There was nothing down there that interested me. Besides it’s not like I have any family down there I’m abandoning. My dad died a year ago from the plague that’s spreading down there and my mom died of a heart disease when I was young, you know that. There is honestly so much more up here in this wasteland then down there in that confined chamber.” I felt strongly about this and I couldn’t tell if Tyrone was actually supporting me. He just nodded while we walked.

We had been walking for about 4 hours now and this was the first time either of us had seen the sun set. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen in my life. The way the light hit the horizon line and reflected off the clouds, it was amazing. I didn’t know how to describe it because there was nothing in the chamber that was beautiful.

By now, the sun was out of the sky and the moon had replaced it, and I saw what people call a rainbow. The first anyone had seen in decades. I was confused because in the chamber people had said they only appeared during the day but the sun had gone down and it was there. It surrounded the moon like a ring. It was so eloquent the way it sat there around the moon.

Gazing at the moon I suddenly heard footsteps coming up from behind us.

“What the hell are those things?”Tyrone said.

They looked like people but something was off about them. The way they walked, the way they groaned it just wasn’t right. Then they were upon us. We were surrounded in the middle of what seemed like a desert.

“What are these guys?” I asked and one came at me. Tyrone came and smashed it in the head with his hammer.

“Use it,”he said and I flipped the switch on the wunderwaffe and the power and lights went on. I aimed. I fired and watched the magic. The metal rod flew out of the gun and hit one of the many creatures in the head. The lighting went flying out of the rod and fried all the creatures with the electricity surrounding their bodies. This was the first time I had ever used the wunderwaffe. This weapon was probably the most powerful weapon I have ever seen in my life. It honestly scared me and know I understand why they had this thing locked up. I’m glad I stole this now. I would have to make sure it didn’t fall into the wrong hands. If there were even any people left on earth.

“It isn’t safe out here in the night lets set up a camp for the night.”Tyrone said interrupting my thoughts.

“No, I think we should keep moving through the night. If those things appear again while we’re asleep, we get torn to shreds,” I said, thinking of how defenseless we would be and the wunderwaffe would be destroyed in this desert.

“All right. Whatever you say, man, but you know we're gonna have to rest sometime right?”

“Yeah. I know. Just not now. I feel like we are so close, you know, and I don’t want to have to stop searching.”

“Yeah, I feel ya.”

I picked up the crossbow bolt off the ground that had a three headed squirrel on the end.

“Looks like that’s dinner,” Tyrone said disgustedly. We had been walking for at least two days straight and were running out of supplies fast. I was starting to lose hope that we were ever going find anything. It seemed like everything was destroyed cities and waste land. Neither of us were used to any of the conditions that were out here. Sometimes acid rain would fall and we would have to use our capsule tent to protect us. We were also tired because of everything out here. Besides those zombie like creatures, we had no idea what was out here. It was like hell and we were both regretting leaving the chamber.

It was our sixth day on the road, and I was ready to collapse.

“Hey, Tyrone, how far do you think we’ve walked?”

“I have no clue. All I know is that we have been walking for too long”

“Yeah. Tell me about it,” I said as we were climbing over a hill. It seemed so massive to us because of how little energy we had, but in reality, it was only about ten feet tall. I reached the top of the hill before Tyrone did.

“ Tyrone, please tell me this is not just a hallucination!”

“No. No it’s not James.” All of a sudden I heard a bang and I felt a splintering pain go through my back and I fell to the ground shocked at what had just happened.

“Why Tyrone... you were my best friend.”

“I’m sorry, James, but back at the chamber the Governor gave me orders to find this place and kill you. He also told me to use the wunderwaffe to kill everyone there then notify him when I am done so we can take this place for our own. I’m sorry, but I have to do this James.

“If you were would stop all of this right now.”

“Well then...I guess I’m not sorry. Goodbye old friend. It was nice knowing you.”He cocked the twelve round revolver and put it up to my head.

“Goodbye Tyrone, I hope you get sent to hell along with everyone else in that place.” Then everything went black. At least I died knowing the utopia existed. Hopefully someday there will be another like me in the chamber who will find the city and claim it for himself. Maybe even overthrow Ty.

Now this is where I come in. I put in the last part where everything went black because that’s what I would have imagined James’ dying thoughts to be. My name is John, and I was inspired by James to leave the chamber and now I am determined to kill Tyrone and take this city, and take the wunderwaffe from him. How I’m going to do this is beyond me. All I know is that this is the last entry into James’ journal and consider Tyrone dead.

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