Chapter one: a new life

April 23, 2013
There was a knock on her door “winter, wake up” came the familiar voice of her older brother, Logan. “Mm? What?” She mumbled half asleep. Usually her dreams went great for her. Well depending on her mood. Strangely if she was in a good mood then the rest of her household had good dreams. Same with her bad moods. She sat up and snuck a peek at her alarm clock which read 7:30 am in red letters. Today was her 14th birthday and she had forgotten until when she looked up she saw her brother with his medium length wild brown hair and soft brown eyes. Strangely while everyone in her family had brown hair and brown eyes while she had snow white hair and eyes that never appeared to stay one color. Logan stood in front of her with a grin on his face and a homemade chocolate cake in his hand. “Happy birthday Sis!” He said, happily.
“Oh uh, thanks!” I replied with a sort of happy smile. I wasn’t one for celebrating birthdays. Normally, I mean I like the presents and all but what kid doesn’t like getting presents? Oh well. Logan always tries to throw me the best birthday each year.
“Come on! Open your present!” he urged, holding out a wrapped box. Nothing really particular was on the wrapping paper being as I didn’t get obsessed with celebrities like other 14 year old girls do. That was another way I was odd from the rest of my family.
“Fine, fine” I said with a light laugh, taking the present in my hands, it felt a little heavy. I gave it a light shake. Nothing seemed to move inside of it, somehow when I looked at Logan with my now green and brown eyes I could tell it was to be a camera. Smirking I opened it and indeed it was a camera.
I hugged him tightly. “Thanks, Logan!” I said with a big grin, holding the camera out and snapping a picture of the two of us. Me and him.
“No problem little winter. Now get ready for your first day of school, I’ll drive you” he said as he ruffled my white hair and left to give me some privacy to get changed.
I rolled my eyes and sighed, getting into my lucky outfit
After I was dressed I got my school bag together for my first day of school and pretty much ran down the stairs.
“whoa slow down there little winter” I heard Logan say with a laugh as he patted my head
I scowled and pushed his hand away “sorry…don’t touch my head. How much longer till school starts?” I questioned, barely able to keep my excitement in. I was looking forward to making new friends and meeting all the people, hopefully things went better here than they did at my last school.

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