Prologue chapter

April 22, 2013
Prologue chapter
The cloaked figure rode through the night. The harsh winds blowing off the hood to reveal a pale woman with dark as night hair cascading down her shoulders to frame her pale face. In her arm is a bundle. A sharp cry emits from the bundle and the woman comforts her baby. This was summer mason, a dream caster from ze’ev katan. The air seems to get colder if possible and summer freezes, casting a wary glance behind her. The shape of a dark one emerges from the mist and she urges her horse forward. With much speed the white horse gallops forward, summer’s hair blowing back. When she reaches a bridge the shapes of two figures stand on the other side. Both cloaked in black with no faces showing. Dark ones! Summer bites her lip and sighs. Kissing her child’s head as she places the bundle with the baby inside on a basket, hidden on the horse’s side and urges the horse forward without her on it. Summer draws a dagger, watching with a sad look in her crystal eyes as her child disappears into the night. “Be safe…little one” she whispers, the dark ones attack and she fights. Until they overpower her and she is dragged off into the dark forest.

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