All Alone

April 10, 2013
I looked out my window, it was all fogged up inside as it was January in New York City. I peered out at the street below to find nothing but footprints and trash everywhere. It was an unusual sight, I was in New York, the place everyone dreamed of. “If this is a place people dream of, then why am I absolutely miserable?” I have asked myself this question a million times. My name is Keri, I stopped aging at about 19. I have a rare condition, in which I will never die. I am the only one in the world with this. I want to die. I have been alive since 1940. Still not dead. I feel so alone.

Nobody knows or will ever know what I have to live with everyday. Well maybe thats because, I am the last person alive on this planet. Some people may call it a superpower i have, but i call it a tragedy. I look down to find nobody, no one on the streets, no one in the shops. There were bright yellow cars on the streets, but every single one was deserted. “Why me? Why?” I ask myself this everyday, but that won’t help anything. I have spent years feeling sorry for myself. It gets me nowhere.

So for now, I choose to be alone. I don’t know where I will end up, but somehow, somewhere deep deep inside me, I have found motivation to keep fighting. For whatever reason, I don’t know. But there is something pushing me, something inside me knowing things won’t be this bad forever. That little piece of hope, is what I strive on. This whole civilization was wiped out about 4 years ago. Don’t ask me how I am here today, because to be honest I don’t have one idea. I woke up one morning, and everything, everyone was gone. Where they went? What happened to this city? don’t ask me. All i know is I’m alone in this world, and things will never be the same.

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