The Chip

April 15, 2013
By Anonymous

I remember the old days, the days where you were free to do as you willed, where you were not assigned community jobs, and where there were multiple leaders instead of one Katil, one lord. Yes, I remember those days. But alas, they are no more. We must now work and toil all day long, with nothing better to do but sleep all night. He implants chips into our minds in order to control our thoughts and actions. You might be wondering how I am able to write such things if my mind is being monitored. Well I will tell you.

It was after the revolution and the Katil had ordered that everybody was to get a chip implanted into their brains; of course nobody knew what it meant at that time. One of my friends, Jodie, was implanting them since she had previously worked at a hospital.

“Jodie” I mused, “I don’t care if it even helps us; I don’t want a chip in my head.”

“Either do I Chuck” she replied.

“Then what shall we do?”

“I could write us down as already having had the insertion.”

“But what if they find out?”

“They will not. And even if they did I’m sure it is nothing big.”

“So you will do it?”

“Of course.”

A few weeks later we found out what the chips were used to do, and we were relieved that we made that decision. We have gone like this without chips for years now with no questions asked. I married Jodie a few months ago. We found out that the Katil has slowly been unraveling our web of lies that protects us and we have become worried about his finding out about out about our chip, or as I should say lack of chips.

“He will never be able to find out what we have done chuck. We wrote it down, and why would he not trust paper.”

“But Jodie, what if he does find out, what will we do then?”

“Then, then we will run.”

And on and on we went night after night always coming to the same conclusion; that we would run if we had to.

I came home from work one day and Jodie was already back, which was weird because she works later than I do. I didn’t have time to set down my stuff before she rushed me.

“Honey I’ve been waiting for you” she exclaimed “I have a surprise.”

“What is it?” I had been hoping for something like the Katil had died, or that he had forgotten about us for some greater issue. But it wasn’t. It was the happiest yet most depressing news I had ever heard in my life.

“I’m pregnant.”

But she didn’t understand what that meant. That meant that we would either have to run or allow the child to have an insertion. But we could wait until later to decide

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