The Visit That Will Change Earth

April 13, 2013
By BeyondAnonymous BRONZE, Moncton, Other
BeyondAnonymous BRONZE, Moncton, Other
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I was walking out my front porch to go get my cellphone that I had left in my parents car this evening. It was about 10:49 PM. The night seemed different. It didn't look different, but I could feel something different, as if I was smelling a strange event that was about to happen. I shook it off, it always happened to me.I stepped down the 3 stairs leading to the car, then silently opened the car door as I arrived.I reached for my phone, but I notice from the very corner of my eye, a light in the sky. Not your usual star light or comet. But a light I've never seen in my life. I toss my head around to see what I've been noticing from the corner, and there it was. Something I've always wanted to see, something the whole world always wanted to see. Something that creates confusion and conflicts between younger and older people. Aliens. Now I must of been pretty exited to think of it as aliens just by the lights. But something told me it was high in technology and had actual beings in it, not just the strobe lights flickering on and off in pattern motions, but it's like I could feel a connection. A feeling of loneliness that once was, wasn't there anymore. I wanted to jump on that ship I imagined and get away. As soon as I thought of what would be in that mother ship, I didn't see the lights anymore. Loneliness filled me like a potion, I was gone again.What just happened ? Why are they here ? Are they here to stay ? Are they good or bad ? Let's figure out soon, because they sure are here and are here for a reason. This earth is not just a ball of earth and water, there are secrets that are yet to be found, big secrets. We are waiting, we are all waiting. You can feel it. But what are we waiting for?

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I wrote this as my first article on .It certainly isn't your perfect article , but I just gave it a try to explore it. I hope this opens up your eyes to some new possibilities. Just imagine.

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