Wild Side

April 2, 2013
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Her wild eyes matched her wild soul and on the first cold night of January when the glistening full moon was out she felt something click inside. The rippling lake water and the round white reflection called out to her. Something awakened within her and soon her body was transformed into that of a brown furred wolf. The animal side of her craved blood but the human side feared the night that was to come. In the distance she heard the rustling of leaves and she could hear blood pumping through veins. She camouflaged her monstrous body in the dark foliage so that only her yellow eyes were visible. Her gaze concentrated on the slow, steady breaths of a lean body crouched down on the ground. Adrenaline pulsed through her and her ferocious instincts took over. Shocked at how much she wanted the taste of blood in her mouth she took a brusque step backwards, stepping on a twig. The man, alarmed at the sound, turned his head quickly in the direction of the wolf. He noticed the glowing yellow eyes hiding in the leaves and the wolf heard his heart beating faster. She squinted her eyes and quickly planned out her next move before the opportunity disappeared. Frost came out of the wolfs nostrils as she let out an angry breath. The wolf leaped out of the dark bushes with all the force it could muster and was now standing on top of the man; it's front paws pinning down his broad chest. She dug her sharp lethal teeth into the mans shoulder as he let out blood curdling screams of pain. The man was torn to pieces in just a few minutes; one arm was floating in the fresh water, while a leg was somewhere inside the forest. The wolf now laid down, satisfied, next to the puddle of blood that was left behind. The wild part of her brain had taken over and was still in control; the human part merely a whisper from the deepest corners of her mind. The cunning beast now closed its eyes and fell deeper and deeper into a heavy slumber.

A flock of birds who rested on top of the trees chirped in the distance and the morning sun shone brightly through the canopy formed above. The pool of crimson blood still laid on top of the leaves and a girl now slept next to it. The girl's eyes fluttered open and she looked down at her naked body covered in dried blood. Horrified she looked around and memories from the night before flashed in her head. She saw the man; she heard the pulse; she felt the adrenaline. It was all too clear and then the guilt took over, the human part of her brain took over.
"What have I done?" She screamed at the empty space around her and then the sobs started.

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