March 28, 2013
By CassidiPoulin BRONZE, Fairfield, Maine
CassidiPoulin BRONZE, Fairfield, Maine
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Well, this is just great. I thought to myself. A bullet through the shoulder isn’t that bad. I mean, at least it wasn’t though my skull.

I had a bad habit of getting into trouble. My mum wont like this. I thought again, immediately mentally punching myself in the face. My mum wouldn’t care if I got shot ten times, through the head. Thats why she left. She doesn’t care about me, or Cato, or Kaine. Who would? After all, we are just a bunch of kids, running away from our step father. But did I mention that this step father just happens to experiment on us?

Now that the bullet was out of my shoulder, thanks to Lewis, we can start running again. Lewis was my best friend, who just happens to go to the same “doctor” that I do. “Did you look over Kaine and Cato?” I started to wrap the gauze over the open wound “They might have been hit with the shrapnel.”

“Don’t worry about it. I got them all covered before you even woke up.” Lewis said while dropping onto the couch.

“I’ll stop worrying when we stop running.”

“So basically, never?” He said suppressing a chuckle

“You know me so well.” I almost smacked him for laughing at a time like this. To think that I was going to tell him exactly what Jack did to me. Jack was my step father, who just so happened to be a doctor. But Jack isn’t the good type of doctor, no, he is the type of doctor that likes to experiment on little kids and teens. Like Lewis and I, we are both about 15 years old, with my two little twin brothers being 12.

Jack did some very bad things to us. I know what he did to Lewis, Kaine and Cato, but none of them know what he did to me. I’m just not ready to tell them.

Cato can see very far. Not just your average binoculars far, but, around corners, and up stairs far. Kaine can move objects with his mind. I even saw him move a Mac truck out of our way once. Lewis, he is different. Jack only did a few things to Lewis, almost like he was saving him for later. But what he did do is still weird. Lewis can blend into walls, and his surroundings. Never play hide and seek with him, I had to learn the hard way about that one.

I’m not trying to be self centered about this but, what Jack did to me is, by far, the most worry some. He gave me the ability to control minds. All I have to do is get direct eye contact and then think what it is I want that person to do. I try not to look people in to eye to often.

“They’re coming” Cato sprang up from the bed he was on. “Narnia, they’re coming and they wont take no for an answer.”

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I was dored

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