The Detective of WildBone

February 27, 2013
The detective in WildBone was investigating why all of the villagers were turning into dogs. He began his search at his favorite restaurant. While there he spotted a waitress he knew, so he gently grabbed the waitress’s arm and said, “Hello.”
The waitress turned towards him,smiled widely then replied, “Hello, detective.” She sat down and began to converse with the detective when a strange bark emitted from her throat. The bark became the only thing that she could say, until her hair grew into fur.
Bright golden fur, bright blue eyes,and a black nose was what became of the waitress’s face she was still wearing her uniform. Her uniform and necklace changed, the uniform changed to how a dog costume would look and the necklace changed to a collar.
The detective sighed, one more person who could've helped him turned into a dog. He wondered why he hadn’t became a dog yet. So he decided to eat his meal, then left to return to his office. Five weeks later, everyone in town (except the detective) was a dog. The detective began investigating multiple areas around town.
He walked past the main laboratory and saw something green and glowing. There was a bright flash, and the detective became a dog. He ran into the laboratory and found the two scientist dogs and asked them what was going on. They explained that the glowing object was a small meteorite that their dog had took and hidden. Also, due to the contact of the dog’s saliva on the meteorite, all who set eyes on the meteorite turn into a dog.
For them to change back into humans again, they needed to wash or destroy the meteorite. The detective rushed out of the laboratory and picked up the meteorite, then ran as fast as he could to the sea. He dropped the meteorite and waited to see if it worked. After 10 hours, he rushed home, and went to sleep. When the next morning arrived, everyone was human again.
The meteorite was never seen again, and the scientist began inventing a cure for the symptoms of the meteorite, in case it ever happened again. But strangely, all of the fish began to multiply in numbers and a lot of divers and swimmers were disappearing, so the detective was off on another investigation that seemed connected to the transforming of the villagers into dogs.

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