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The Destroyer II

February 27, 2013
By King_Nothing GOLD, Tampa, Florida
King_Nothing GOLD, Tampa, Florida
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Upon my return to the current home of the woman known as the Destroyer, I was greeted quite warmly and given some delicious tea and tasty treats. As she discovered my weaknesses, I can only speak well of the Destroyer, and will only tell of the happy things to happen in her life.
I jest. But they were quite tasty, and if one ever finds themselves in Kyoru's company, they should ask for some of her treats.
But I did not return to eat her food, but to hear more of her tale, which I will now relate.

Soon after Kyoruken took her own life out of grief, she found herself wandering the lands of Anari’iáhka, scared and confused. She had faint memories of some sort of life before this, and then of a discussion with beings that made her mind hurt to remember what they looked like.
After a month of wandering, she came across a group of young men making up a hunting party. These men belonged to the K'Sin Saihok tribe, a new and rapidly growing tribe descended of the Saihok people, who in turn descend from the Nelánosuk’ten. Seeing a strange and silent woman wandering around the plains was an odd sight, so the party approached her, hoping to help the woman who had slowly gone mad. What they did not expect was for that same woman to lash out and tear the throat of one of the men out with her bare teeth.
She was quickly subdued and taken back to their tribe. There, she was taken to D'Kog, who would become the Sin Father. The tribe thought their Father would mete out swift justice, but were astonished when he instead offered the woman a chance to fight for her freedom. She accepted, and the two did battle.
There are no records of that battle, and as Kyoruken was "young" at the time, she has only fleeting memories of it, but it is understood that it was quite an epic duel, and the two combatants were, unbelievably, evenly matched, a horrible thought for the tribe who followed the deadliest warrior in the world.
In the aftermath, D'Kog had Kyoruken admitted into the tribe, making her the first and only person not born of the K'Sin Saihok to be a K'Sin Saihok.
After the mark was placed on her skin, she left the tribe, wishing to find her purpose and collect the shattered memories floating about her frayed mind.
It was not long before one of the beings whose memory hurt her mind spoke to the woman, telling her that she was destined to be the most powerful and most feared being to ever walk the land. She was sent to a battlefield, and told to ravage half of the men there, as the gods desired one of the armies to destroy the other. Kyoruken took this seriously, and Destroyed the army. This is worthy of note, as Destroying something is to send it back to the Oblivion that everything was born from at the beginning of Time; essentially, erasing them from existence.
And so, the Destroyer was born, a being capable of performing a deed that even the gods feared to attempt.

I was rather enthralled during this meeting, as the Three Fathers have always been a subject of interest to me, and so I was a little disappointed when one of them was only mentioned in passing.
As the sun set on the day, I bid the woman farewell, and I could not wait for our next meeting, when Kyoruken would finish her tale.
-Further writings on the Destroyer by Y’otorak’sen.

The author's comments:
Part II of the tale of Kyoruken. Hope you enjoy it, it gets a little more intense here.
(I'll confide in you all, I dislike the fact that I have to have a picture with these posts, as I can only occasionally find an appropriate one...)

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