The Dragon's Nest

March 13, 2013
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Once upon a time, there was a young soldier named Luke. On the magical land of Wing Ville, he was on a quest to catch a magical shadow dragon, the one whose black wings stands out, rages with power, and is the strongest out of all dragons. To catch a dragon, you have to make it drink a magical potion which is brewed by an evil witch. Luke tries to find the witch's store which is very dangerous because the only way to find it is by finding a crow. The crow eventually travels all the way back to the witch with ingredients for making the potions. On the Mist Forest, Luke finds a Crow and follows it. It was cold and dark along the way. Luke finds a shack ahead, and then he knocks on the door. The smell was very unpleasant, and starts to get Luke light-headed. The door creaks open, and Luke goes inside. He sees a woman with a pointy hat and a black dress. "I need a dragon catching potion." He yells. The witch started laughing with an evil stare. "To get a potion, you must pay 200 gold." The witch stated. "Agree." Luke says. Luke got the gold from his pouch. "Here, now can you make the potion?" Luke said impatiently. "Give me a few minutes." Said the witch. The potion was finally done. Luke ran out the Mist Forest, and traveled to the Dragon's Nest. A big red dragon flew over his head. "Whoa!" Luke said amazed by the dragons. He kept going thru forest which led him to a portal. He stood in front of it and he was sucked in into another dimension. He started to see blue dragons now, but it wasn't what Luke was looking for. He went to another portal and finally he saw the outrageous beast. It stood tall, and was alone. Luke took out his potion and a pocket knife. He raged towards the beast and started to scare it with his pocket knife. The dragon roared with massive power causing Luke to fall back. Luke stood up and got the potion. He started to run near the dragon's mouth. It started growling again but as it was, Luke spilled the potion to the dragon's wide opened mouth. The dragon fell down, showing a sign of weakness. Luke rode up the dragon and it started to fly. Luke was full of happiness! He started screaming with joy as he flew back to his home town. He showed everyone the tamed beast and everyone was shocked. Luke was well honored for his braveness and was crowned prince of the village.

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