Deadly Love

March 15, 2013
Deadly Love
C. Nicholson

Gaeisis, Lumaris
Year 2020

Draconite, the love of my life, is devilishly handsome, with a charming ability; to fashion creations out of nature with his hands. He is not from the same planet as I. He is a Dragasian, from our neighboring planet, Dragas. I live on Lumaris, which makes me a Lumarian; an ethereal being of light. Lumarians and Dragasians have been enemies for as long as I’ve known. Our most sacred law tells us that no Lumarian should ever be involved with a Dragasian, they are our blood foes. The punishment for breaking this law is death.

Dragasians are reptilian beings of stone and in my eyes; Draconite is the most handsome of them all. I love his beautifully chiseled chest and abdomen; more of an ectomorph verging on a mesomorph. His onyx eyes are ebony abysses that capture my attention; his emerald wavy hair resembles that of vines as it sits loosely on his head.

I stare off into his dark eyes as if I were in a trance. “Alucio we must go,” I hear, as the sound of his deep voice fills my ears; it resounds like the prelude of a flute. “They’re coming!” The urgency in his voice pulls me out of my reverie. I look around seeing the dapples of oranges and yellows illuminate the darkened horizon. The mob was upon us.

Draconite brushes his lips against mine before he clasps my hand in his, dragging me behind him as we run from the hands of Death. His prismatic reptilian wings are furled behind him. I can easily see that like mine his are broken as well. My long legs feel like marshmallows, but I keep going. Tears of fear cascade down from my crimson eyes as pain sears through my broken wing.
We don’t know where to go we just run, run for dear life as the mob gets closer and closer to us. I can’t fly and Draconite’s abilities can’t help us either. Suddenly there is a flash of brilliant light...surely we are done we fall to the ground unconscious…not knowing where we would end up.

A hand, unknown friend or foe, grips my shoulder. It feels as if I’m being carried. My eyes flutter open to see Draconite being pulled in some sort of wooden sled. By whom; I don't know! Before I could say or do anything I was yanked back into the darkness by an invisible hand.

Our fates unknown...What is to become of us? Only time knows.

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BehindSapphireEyes said...
Mar. 21, 2013 at 1:35 am
This was written for a contest over on Figment. It has a word limit, ergo the shortness of this piece. I do hope y'all like my piece and comment to tell me what you think please! 
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