My Bionic Life

March 13, 2013
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“It’s the year 2065, almost 50 years since the Bionic Treaty was signed. It was signed to stop WWIII, we all know what it is. It’s a treaty promising the first 3 girls and the first 3 boys born of every year to be given up to the Bionic Practicing Center in Asia. They keep the babies and turn them into half bionic humans. Of course after 10 years the children go back to USA with fake parents. We don’t understand why we have this or who the kids are or even what the kids are used for. You could have met one today or will meet one in the future and will never know.”

Miss. Hukel was pacing the front of the class now. Talking about the Bionic Treaty always made her nervous. She had already lost two boys to the Bionic Treaty and was now pregnant again. Everyone was sure she didn’t want to lose another baby to the Treaty. Miss. Hukel lowered herself into the black leather chair at the front of the classroom, behind her desk. Her long brown hair touched her waist and she always wore a different red shirt every day. I always wondered, why red?
My name is Azuie. I’m twelve years old with long auburn hair and blue eyes. My favorite color is green and I don’t have very many friends because I’m so quite. I looked down at my notebook and started drawing, I already knew about the Bionic Treaty. I knew all about it, but the only reason I knew so much about it is because over half of my body is Bionic. I don’t remember the day I was taken from my parents, apparently it was the day I was born. But I remember everything after that day. The Bionic Center taught me and raised me, they told me I would never meet my real parents.
When I was eight, they operated on me. I was given bionic eyes, right ear, jaw, left and right arms, left leg and my lower back. The 5 others I was housed (three boys two girls, not counting me) where given different combinations, but everyone had both bionic eyes and one bionic ear. We were told we had them so we could see and hear other Bionics even if we didn’t know them. All six of us where spread across the USA at the age of ten. I was sent to California, I knew where the other Bionics of my year where at because I could feel them. A constant buzzing in the back of my head, I figured it would get quieter if one of them died.
In my whole two years of living in USA I have only come across one other Bionic from a different year than my own. She had blond hair and grey eyes, she was sixteen. She lived with another Bionic from her year. Although I never met him, she told me about him and her adoptive parents. Her name was Area. Area also told me more about the Bionic Center, she told me more than what I already knew.
About how after five years they call all six Bionics back to Asia to be programmed with military tactics and sent back to our lives. She told me about how they plan on “asking us a favor” when they need us to do their dirty work. Area told me about how they had called all six of her year, three weeks after the programming, to invade Germany and kill the Official Military General, because he was planning on bombing America. Of course Area and the rest of her year did as they were told, she also told me that she wished she wasn’t alive anymore because of it.
A few years passed after meeting Area, and I was finally fifteen and just as Area had told me three years before. We were called back to the Bionic Center. All six of my year got onto a plane and my nightmare started. On the plane there was me, John, Hillary, Robert, Savannah, and Jose. John had long blond hair now, compared to his shaved military cut I was used to. Hilary dyed her short hair black from her usual brown. Robert had very red and very curly hair, as always. Savannah and Jose had dark hair, eyes and skin just like I remembered.
We finally arrived. Nothing had changed, the same lonely walls, the same shiny white floors and the same boring people in white coats or black suits. We were lead to a small black room and told to sit down. We did as we were told, we always do what we are told, I realized that just now. An Asian women in a white lab coat came into the small black room and started to explain everything that Area had told me three years ago.
“You are about to have military tactics programmed into your bionic bodies for future use of the American or North Korean Armies, since the Treaty was signed with them, they have use of you just as much as the USA does.” We stared at her blankly, apparently there was more to this than anyone, even ourselves, really understood. The Asian woman started talking again. “But there is no reason to worry, most of the time neither armies will use you.” She smiled kindly. “But,” her smile disappeared. “If you are used by one or the other, most of you will live only a max of five years after that favor is asked.”
We looked at her, stunned. Jose rose his smooth low voice and asked, “Even though we aren’t going to live older than twenty five, because our bionic bodies will start to fail. You haven’t even made any of the technology more advanced to extend our lives.” He looked at her angrily. “I feel cheated!” he started to stand up. The Asian woman stepped back. Savannah quickly reached up and grabbed his hand with hers. “It’s okay Jose. Sit.” Savannah ordered firmly. The Asian women spoke quickly, “Right, so let’s get this over with. Josh.” As she called Josh’s name we all turned our heads to look at him, he slowly stood up and followed the women out of the black room.
The Asian women came back after a while and asked for me. I stood up and followed her out of the black room into a white room with a black tile floor. There was an examining table in the center of the room, equipment, tubes and cords coiled around the table. Two men stood on either side of the equipment, one man holding needles and the other man holding a small heart monitor.
The Asian women told me to lay on the table. I did what I was told, as always. The two men moved to my side, the man with the heart monitor placed it on me and started to strap down my hands, legs and my head to the table. Once he finished I heard a rhythmical beep signaling my heart beat, then the other man started to slide the needles into my right hip, my temples, my shoulders, and the center of my back.
I tried to ignore the slight pain in each place as he did, as a bionic you don’t feel as much pain as you would if you were human. The ones in my temples hurt the most. I watched one of the men reach over me and pull a huge medal circle over my head, when it covered my eyes everything went black.
It was two weeks after the Bionic Center installed the military tactics in my head and body. They send us all home soon after everyone had gone through the same thing as me. Only two weeks and we already had our first “favor” asked of us. To find and kill every drug lord and drug dealer in the state we lived in. I thought drugs didn’t exist anymore, but I guess someone found a way to invent a new way to get high. It was a big deal and I already has my first lead. A club in LA, not far from where I was living now. I drove to the club named The Dungeon.
When I walked in colorful lights and bass filled music invaded my senses. My bionic eyes could spot every single person in the club and they could also see that everyone had the drug.
I didn’t want to kill everyone in the club. But the second that I noticed the drug was on everyone, everything went red. When I finally was “awake” every single person in the club was dead. Laying in pools of blood their own or others I didn’t know, it was too hard to tell. These where people, everyone had a family and a life of their own. And now it was all ended by me.
Is this how my life would be? For the next five to ten years? I didn’t want it, the Bionic Center may have spent over 50 million dollars on me but I didn’t ask for it. I reached down a picked up a gun from a thug, which he must have tried to kill me, but failed. I looked up at the lights, still flashing and the music still playing.
My hand was heavy as I brought the gun to my head. I knew the Bionic Center was watching me right now, they can see everything I see. If only they could feel what I felt too. I knew that someone would come to clean up the mess soon. My finger itself weighed even more as I pulled the trigger.

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monochromatic said...
Mar. 17, 2013 at 12:46 pm
wow, that was very interesting. cool idea :)
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