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The Stone Wall

The Stone Wall

The stone wall was in need of repair, stones lay on the ground. Everywhere there were bodies of men and women. The green grass was gone, and the dirt was covered with a film of blood. The trees were black from fire and smoke, and the sky was dreary looking as if it would start pouring rain. A week earlier, no one would have imagined what that week held.
The day was a bright and clear spring day. The birds chirped and the wind blew through the trees. Many children were out in the woods, pretending to be in a war. They jumped over old stone walls, and ran behind newly budded trees. The parents sat on the front step watching and chatting with their next-door neighbor. The day seemed like one of those days where everything would go as planed.
It started with the man. He looked like he wore a mask that covered up his real face. He wore a suit and tie and would not talk to anyone. He looked gloomy and seemed to be mad. He walked up and down the street, looking at all the children play, and jump over the stone wall, that they loved so much. He did this for couple of days, so the parents were suspecting something, but nothing happened for about a month. He started by taking the children, one by one. The parents didn’t know until about ten were gone. They were frantic looking in the woods for their child, and then it hit, like a spark hitting a puddle of gas. There was screaming and roaring. Flashes of light and flames overtook the houses. When the smoke cleared, the people could see many alien-like creatures. They had five arms, two from each side and one from its head. It had four legs, which they could swing around and knock people to the ground. In their hands they held silver swords, in which they were taking adults’ lives, but taking the kids to the man. He put all of them in a big crate and flew of to nowhere. The creatures stayed until every last living thing was either dead or burned, including the trees and grass. After they were done, they left and flew away. After about a week, people didn’t hear from the adults. When the government was notified, and the army showed up at the scene, they had no idea what happened. There weren’t any witnesses, and they couldn’t tell when the attack had happened. People suspected a terrorist attack and they took all the children to be slaves. All that was left of that area was a stone wall.

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