March 7, 2013
By Robert1739 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Robert1739 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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“I believe the universe wants to be noticed. I think the universe is inprobably biased toward the consciousness, that it rewards intelligence in part because the universe enjoys its elegance being observed. And who am I, living in the middle of hist


I woke up alone. Entirely alone, no mom, no dad, no anybody. Just me, a fourteen year old nobody from Ohio. It was a Monday, just like any other Monday but everyone was gone. I searched everywhere, called everyone and nothing. I just figured the entire city went on vacation, and I was just too lazy to get up and missed it. So I did what any other teenager would do, whatever I wanted!
I watched Netflix till five a.m., obtained the world’s largest sugar high, ya know just lived the life. But, after a week I was going mildly insane. A person can only go so long being the only being on the planet. So I tried figuring out what had happened which turned into watching every alien movie ever made. After two hours of “UFO Abductions” I was sure this is what was going on! But what could I do?
I played seven hours of video games every night and ate nothing but junk food. What else could I do? So I needed to find someone, some bad ass alien slayer that could help me make a plan, and most importantly kill. I left that afternoon, taking back roads and walking through dark alley ways trying not to get abducted myself. And that's when I saw it.
It was about a mile away and about seven football fields high. It was all black with rocket boosters and Spaceships flying in and out of it! It was exactly what I didn't expect, it was worse than the one in Independence Day, it was what I would say “The Ultimate Alien Ship”! My mouth dropped immediately to the floor, paralyzed in nothing but fear. And at that very moment I heard a voice! A female voice which took me out of my paralyzed state.
I turned around to see a group; not just any group, a group of kids. There was about ten of them all looking nineteen and younger. They told me to follow them which made me feel kind of safe but kind of scared. They led me to this warehouse, which was the coldest place in the world for a guy wearing nothing but a tank-top, jeans, and some sandals.
They called themselves the Elites. The oldest, Jack, was twenty he ran the whole thing. He tried to explain how the aliens apparently took everyone but us teenagers, which was actually pretty rad of those aliens to do. But it was as though my prayers and hopes came true, I hoped to find some bad ass group or person that can help me, and I did! Now I just hoped that the aliens give back my parents and leave, and they will! But according to the “Elites” it didn't work that way.
As they went on, and on, and on about a plan to get our parents back I just couldn't stop staring at the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had blue eyes with brown hair and a Coldplay shirt on with some ripped up jeans, my heart was in heaven. Until of course she caught me staring at her and walked away. It was about midnight now and they showed me to my own little room, a lot like my own it had a T.V, bed, some posters, and a chair. I couldn't get any sleep of course, just knowing in a few days I would possibly be recruited to fight the next World War, I tossed and turned then after a second of closing my eyes I was gone.
The next morning I walked into the auditorium which made me realize this was no warehouse, it was a school, and it was my middle school! And that girl, it was Julie! A girl that was in my third grade class I felt so stupid not knowing who she was at first, she was my biggest crush! And now I got to kill aliens with her! This was amazing!
All of the Elites where waiting for me on stage, they were all fighting and shooting targets. Jack called me onto stage and handed me the heaviest and biggest gun I have ever seen, he told me to shoot all of the targets, so I did. I aimed, closed my eyes then shot. To my surprise I hit them. I actually hit the targets! I turned around and Julie (the girl of my dreams) was standing right there, all she said was “good shooting Chris” and me like an idiot said nothing but, “that's what video games are for”. What the HELL was I thinking, I just basically told the girl I was a loser, and did nothing but played video games!! And from then on I didn't make eye contact.
We all sat in class 104 and demised a plan in the next week five of us would go scope out the area, try to find out the aliens weaknesses and exactly what their plan was. While the other five of us work on PYROTECHNICS. It was a Wednesday, and I was labeled “Top Shooter” which made me apart of the PYROTECHNICS group. All day we worked on nothing but turning all the fireworks and dynamite we could find into one large bomb that would take the whole thing down. We figured we follow movies; every great alien movie has a great plan. So we decided to bomb the major support systems, which was technically the whole thing in my eyes. It was about another five hours before the scoping group came back, they managed to find out two main components which was everything we needed! They found out the aliens’ weaknesses, which was water. But they also found out for a giant alien ship they only have one weapon, a shock ray. We came up with another plan and instead of blowing the whole thing into smithereens, we are going to freeze it and shatter all of those no good alien scum into a thousand pieces. But we were all forgetting one main thing, our parents! We needed to get them out but how?
The next day I ran into Julie again this time she actually said “hi” and smiled, I asked her why she was in such good mood and got the greatest response. She said “I love video games”. I stood there with the biggest smile even after she walked away, do I actually have a chance with this girl? I went to the auditorium, and this time things went differently. The mood was more serious, somber. I came up with a plan, on how to get all of our parents out, but it included all of our teamwork. We needed to kill an alien and steel one of their ships to get inside. I told the whole group and it seemed as though everyone was on board, so we left took lots of guns, and left. We decided to go out of town, somewhere we knew a couple of parents would be and where we could find an alien. It took us about 5 hours on foot to get to the nearest town and there, in plain sight, was an alien.
It came right at us shooting giant electric bolts! Ducking and dodging was the only thing I could do! I was so scared! Then the alien bastard went after my girl, and at that moment it was on! I immediately turned into commando, running straight at it shooting as wild as possibly trying not to hit the defenseless love of my life. And then in a flash of an eye it was dead. Dead as can be lying on the ground with its disgusting bluish grey body.
I ran toward Julie but as soon as I got their macho man adrenaline rush left. I was once again the nervous, nobody from Ohio, but as soon as I decided to walk away, she kissed me. It was the longest 10 seconds of my life, but every second of it count. It was as if I were in a movie, I saved my dream girl and won her love. Afterward we all walked up to the ship, to my amazement the controls where exactly like a car! Yeah I’ve never actually driven but I’ve played “Need for Speed” and I was sure Jack could drive. The ship could only hold a maximum of 3 people so it was up to me, Julie, and jack to save the world, and our parents.
We took it back to the school and went over our main plan to take the entire ship down. Right outside of the other end of town was a liquid nitrogen plant, all we had to do was take a giant thermos full of the stuff and spray it all over the ship! But first me, Jack, and Julie get in kill a bunch of aliens get out parents out, then bye bye ship and all the other aliens. We decided to end this once in for all tomorrow, we couldn't stand another day without our parents cooking, or doing laundry, and even getting on our nerves. Yeah they nag most of the time but only because they love us, and this is our time to show we actually ya know, love them. I couldn't sleep at all so I decided to walk around the school, relive old useless memories of getting bullied. I started on the first floor working my way up to the roof where I found Julie. I sat next to her; we talked just until the sun came up at dawn. She explained why she couldn't sleep. Turns out, she doesn't have any parents. She confessed she was an orphan, never met her parents and never bothered finding them. She didn't want to go into this knowing at the end of the day she would have no one to go back to, so I told my shyness to shut the hell up and did want any guy would of. I told her she would always have me and kissed her.
It was officially the day we destroy everything but first we needed the thermos full of the freezing liquid thingy, and a truck to put it on. We went to Kevin's house, some sixteen year old jock from Ohio High, and took his dads tuck. We raced down to the other side of town just like the gingerbread man, as fast as we could. With my luck nothing could go rite, there were two very, and very large muscular red monster looking thing, well whatever it was, and it terrified me! I shot everything I had at both of them and nothing worked! That's when Kevin came in; the whole time he had a rocket launcher! He aimed directly at one firing at least two rockets, and got it right in the noggin! It blew up, sending blood everywhere! But I did say there were two. And I’m guessing that was the other one's brother we just killed because it looked angry! Kevin was out of rockets and I was out of bullets, we needed to do something and fast! I jumped in the driver’s seat and drove directly at it full speed ahead! I yelled “HOLD ON!!” and hit it sending it flying into the biggest tank of liquid nitrogen.
Now that, that's over we grabbed a medium sized thermos and got it up on the back of the truck. We attached a giant hose, which would be strong enough to spray the entire ship! We got backed to the school, and fired up our spaceship. Kevin was in-charge of freezing every alien and the entire ship once we had our parents. We left, I was then on my way to the scariest moments of my entire life. If I were to die today, I did it for the only people who loved me my entire life my parents. We flew straight into the mother ship unnoticed and in disguise; we parked in the handy capable alien section and went to search for our parents. They were being held in the very center of the ship in some sort of force field just floating there. And that was just another problem to add to the list! How are we supposed to get them? We ran down onto the bottom floor and hid behind a wall, while two disgusting aliens walked by. We ran to the center of the ship where in the next room our parents are floating in some kind of coma. We went for it, shooting at the giant force field but nothing happened. Julie noticed a control panel on the other side of the force field, so Jack ran for it.
And that’s when I watched Jack, a guy I barely even knew get his throat ripped out right before my eyes! Julie screamed! And hundreds of aliens out of nowhere surrounded us! I closed my eyes and held on to Julie, and when I opened they were all dead! Our parents where all out of the force field and used the aliens own shock rays against them! It was amazing! I went to save lives but ended up being saved! I ran straight toward my parents and gave them the biggest hug of my life. At that moment the ship started to get colder and that’s when I realized something must of went wrong! Kevin must have been killed and the aliens took over the nitrogen spray! We all have to get out now; I screamed and led everyone to the ships! We all evacuated the mother ship and watched it shatter into a thousand pieces. Which left one problem, I was right. Right next to the nitrogen tank was Kevin’s dead body, in place of it a giant freak headed alien. We were all being shot at! Nitrogen flying everywhere!
That’s when I knew what I had to do. I had to end this all myself; we had to end these ourselves. Us teens, that’s why we weren’t abducted we were picked for a reason and now is the time to fulfill destiny. I got of the mini ship and walked straight toward the alien. It stopped shooting, looked and pointed the spray gun right at me and sprayed. I dogged the spray and pulled out what I knew would come in handy, the PYROTECHNIC BOMB we were all working on. I threw it straight at it and as soon as it landed on the truck, KA-BOOM! He was blown into little smithereens and it was finally all over. Everyone was fine, parents were all saved, Julie's beautiful face was still in tack, and me I was actually not an anybody anymore. I woke up today, I woke up in a normal safe city, and it was a Monday, just like any other Monday. And me I am a fourteen year old HERO.

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