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The Destroyer

February 26, 2013
By King_Nothing GOLD, Tampa, Florida
King_Nothing GOLD, Tampa, Florida
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I have had the amazing honor to speak to the being known as the Destroyer, less commonly known as the woman Kyoruken. I must say, I did enter the meeting expecting a woman who would rather tear out my throat than talk calmly, and was pleasantly surprised to find the latter.
But that is not the point of this writing. I will speak of our time together at some other time, but I think it imperative that I share what I was told. I didn't even ask to hear her story, but once she learned I was a respected and popular historian, though I didn't believe that, she wanted me to tell her story.
And so, I present to you, the tale of Kyoruken, who is the Destroyer:

Long before most recorded history, Kyoruken was born to a lesser village of the ancient Nelánosuk’ten tribe. She followed in the footsteps of her mother, a skilled weaver, until she was old enough to go through her tribes coming-of-age rituals. Soon thereafter, in the massive celebration feast, Kyoruken lost many of her inhibitions due to consumption of some sort of ale, and woke the next morning in a strange man's hut. What worried her about this was that she was also in a strange village.
She left and wandered for a long time, until she found her way to a village of the Saihok, only recently removed from the Nelánosuk’ten tribes. She sought refuge their for several moons, eventually finding sympathy in the arms of a man named Silnon, distant cousin to the warrior Silvak. To both of their surprise, Kyoruken was soon with child, a souvenir of sorts from her escapade with the strange man. Contrary to common practice, Silnon soon wed the woman, and raised the child, a healthy little boy, as his own. Once Kyoruken had recovered, she promised Silnon his own child, and soon she was, once again, with child, this time of Silnon.
Many years passed, and Kyoruken had four children with Silnon.
One day, as their were enjoying their afternoon meal, they had a visitor: the father of Kyoruken's first child, who had lost his mind in a war years before he had lain with Kyoruken. Now, he sought her out to kill her, and the family she had left him for.
As he was caught by surprise, Silnon fell to the man, and made Kyoruken watch as he slaughtered her children.
This would prove to be his undoing.
As he approached Kyoruken to kill her, he found a woman who had lost her grip on herself and reality. Referring to the man as a "bad child", Kyoruken declared that, as his mother, she must punish him.
Her memories are unclear of what happened next, but she knew that when others of the village at last came to investigate the horrible screaming - I questioned this, but she explained that the village was very large and they lived a fair distance away from the main body of it - they found Kyoruken huddled in a corner, weeping into the ruined body of one of her children.
All that remained of the man was a mass of carnage.
After her family was lain to rest, the man's remains were burned at sunset, a time believed to be riddled with evil spirits. Once all the funerals were taken care of, Kyoruken thanked the village for all they had done for her, and went to her home.
She was found the next morning, a dagger in her stomach.

I will not deny that eyes grew a little moist at this tale. I maintained enough composure to not weep, and I felt that doing so would be a tad tasteless.
I thanked her for telling me this, and we planned to meet again, so I could hear more of her tale.

-The first in a series of reports written by the scholar Y’otorak’sen concerning the Destroyer, Kyoruken.

The author's comments:
I have a couple things about Kyoruken, and I thought you might be interested to know a little about her.
So here it is, the first part of how a simple girl turned into the most feared being in Monrichaia.

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