A Carnal Reality

February 27, 2013
By RoxanneOrleans BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
RoxanneOrleans BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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Why are people so cruel? They force you to come out of the hole that you hide yourself away in. They entice you out of your internal burrow with the promise of hope. Then they tear you down and make the reasons you feared being exposed come true. After they’re through with you, they don’t even acknowledge the fact that they’ve destroyed everything that you’ve saved up, everything that you’ve built, everything you have. They walk by you and just say “Hey Roxy” as if nothing ever happened, as if they’ve done nothing wrong. When you know that the broken rabbit you are is destroyed inside and the carrot heart that they used to draw you out is nowhere to be seen.
Do people even realize what they do? Does the fox even realize its hurt the rabbit by tearing it apart piece by piece? Does he know what pain is? Does he know what he has done? Or is he just too blind or young to see that not every animal is like him. Does the fox just not see what he did wrong? That what he thinks is completely fine, can destroy everything a rabbit has grown? That one simple action can tear down the castle his unsuspecting prey had built. To the fox it’s just a meal, no big deal. But to the rabbit, it’s a life, a soul, a heart.
Is the rabbit insane to think that that predator even did anything wrong? Is she imagining things that no one else sees? Is she so self-centered to think that what he did to her was unfair to her? That she is the victim? Or was she just so fragile that the smallest thing would break her down? That her castle was barely balancing on what was left of the once sturdy foundation. Is what he did so wrong? Did he even do anything wrong? To others it’s not even that big of a deal. The rabbit is ashamed to be so brought down by this. She should know by now not to get her hopes up about survival. Why was she dumb enough to come out in the first place, to trust?
No one understands the rabbit’s pain because everyone else is a hawk, soaring over head, or a fox, oblivious. The rabbit wants to scream out, to make her pain known. But she can’t, for if she does she will be exposing herself to the world and the hawks will swoop down and tear her apart before she can even cry. They will drag her body and her heart around in the dirt, screeching to each other about how stupid the rabbit had been to try and open up. So the rabbit will just crawl back into the hole, half of what she had been before she had left, knowing that another blow might just be the end of her short life. Just stay inside the hole. Go deeper and deeper until all she knows is the darkness that envelopes and poisons her once gleaming, snow white coat.

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