Taken to fill the Empty Void

February 25, 2013
By Giggles15 PLATINUM, Mexia, Texas
Giggles15 PLATINUM, Mexia, Texas
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I look up into the sky, seeing the clouds roll silently. The moon shines down, with a silver hue and reflects off of the water that lays still before me. Staring at the reflection, I slowly get lost in thought, now oblivious to my surrounds. I can see the beautiful colors of the swimming fish, swirling and darting here and there. I think back to the first night this started, the feeling of the pain so vividly strong. So much pain and torture that first night, when She decided to give me this curse. This curse of madness, pain and animalistic behavior on nights such as this one. I begin to feel it happening again. Pain radiates inside of me, from my mouth, mind and muscles. My hair does not grow all over my body, but my canines grow to sharp lengths and my eyes flash yellowish gold. They flash the eyes of a wolf. My curse of an inner wolf that stirs on the nights of a full moon.

I became aware of what is around me when I hear the snapping of a twig, just yards away. Or so it seemed. I notice the eerie silence that has grown around me. I look up to the moon and let out a heart stopping howl. The wolf rumbles inside of me, stirring awake with hunger. I set of for a meal, going toward the area which I heard the twig snap. After what seems like only seconds and a long walk, I come across a log cabin.

As I walk toward the house, their dogs stay asleep, unable to hear my weightless steps. I slowly open the door to the house and slip in, without making a single sound. I sniff the air and smell the life force of an older woman. Walking toward it, I am stopped by the scent of a young woman. I stalk upstairs silently and sniff the air, the scent leads me to the room of the young woman. Gently I open the door, and slip in. I shut it and lock it, once I turn around my eyes quickly adjust to the red light of her lamp. I walk up to her bed, deciding to take my time and analyze my surroundings. I can see the back of her golden blonde and brown hair sticking out of the blankets. Slowly I pull back the covers and wait to see if she will move. She gently sighs in her sleep and turns over, now facing me. I notice her gentle features and smile to myself. This should be easy.

I pull the blankets back farther and see the soft skin of her neck and shoulder that is exposed due to her small strapped white night dress. Moving the hair away from her neck, I forget to avoid contact of our skin. My fingers had barely grazed her skin, but it was just enough to send her sitting up wide awake. I freeze in my movements and stare at her as she stares up at me, confusion and fear in her eyes. The red of the lamp causes the white of her eyes to look red. I can distinctively see the deep green and grey of her eyes, which reminds me of grass bathed in moonlight. Her complexion is tanned and flawless. The small white dress she wears, stands out against the dark grey and black of her bed and room. The red lamp makes her room seem as though it is her small seductress lair. I must act fast before somehow I become the victim. As I study her, she scoots herself back against the wall after pulling a pocket knife out from under her pillow, the knife large for such a small and fragile woman.

"Shh not a word.." I warn softly, putting my index finger against my lips. She never breaks eye contact with me as I approach her. She growls warningly to me which causes me to stop and stare at her in curiosity. Did she just ...? I blink a few times to clear my confusion and begin to approach her more. She growls again which causes me to chuckle. Once I reach her bed, I sit down on the edge.

"What are you doing?" She asks in a soft yet demanding voice. Her voice is like dripping honey to my ears. Wait what?.. I raise a mental eyebrow at my thoughts but keep my facial expression calm, confident and collected. I brush back a strand of my hair and smile at her. She gives me a strange look, so much wisdom is shown in her eyes. Hmm I wonder how old she is?..

"I just was wondering... How old are you?" I ask nonchalantly, slowly scooting closer to her. She never takes her eyes off me and points her knife at my body, her body tensing. Suddenly without thinking I ask, "What is your name?"

"Stay back... I will hurt you" She warns and tightens her grip on the knife. I smile and put my hands in the air in innocence. She studies me for a while then finally answers. "I'm 17 and my name is Morrigan. Why?" She raises her eyebrow at me which makes me chuckle. Young, brave, has the name of a warrior goddess and delicious smelling. Yep this shall be a lot of fun.

To answer her question I shrug my shoulder and lean toward her smirking. Without warning her lashes out like a snake. Stabbing me in the right shoulder with force. I curse and growl warningly to her. My growl sounds much more realistic then hers did which makes her eyes widen as she pulls back. Fear causes her heart to throb like a jack hammer and I can hear it clearly. I snarl, my vision going red with hunger and anger. Before I know it, I lunge at her and grip her shoulders. I tilt her head back and sink my long canines into the smooth, soft skin of her neck. She lets out a silent cry as I bury them deeper, causing blood to gush into my mouth. I can feel her life slipping away but before it does I stop myself and look down at her. I go to her window and open it. I then go, scoop her up and lick the wound, healing it so it stops bleeding.

I jump out of her window and land without a sound. She is cold in my arms so I bite my wrist and put it to her lips, letting my blood drip into her mouth as I carry her off into the woods. Why did I just save and change a young girl? I ask myself as I look down at her, the answer peaking out from a corner in my mind. She is brave, beautiful, feisty and strong willed. She would make a great companion to fill the void of my loneliness. She could love me and be by my side.

I disappear into the night, carrying the small woman. Leaving no trace of her old life. For now she will become like me, will live with me and will love me. I will be her new family. We could make a very dangerous team to the others. Yes she will be MINE, till some how death dues us part.

The author's comments:
I wrote this thinking of a friend. What we think is "fantasy" can actually be real. Open your mind up to the possibility of the impossible.

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