Angelic ~My Heavenly Battle~

February 24, 2013
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“My, oh, my. I didn't expect to see you guys so quickly.” A familiar voice called behind us. As we all turned to look, we found Stan, casually leaning against a wall. His dark brown hair was disheveled and his hazel eyes burned with rage. I noticed that his usual tan skin was very pale, and his face was drawn; creating a skeletal feature. And there, resting against his neck was my necklace, glinting in the moonlight.
The village was quiet, save for a few caws from the ravens flying above us. The usually festive town square seemed to carry an ominous shadow. The shadows seemed to come alive, and the howling wind chilled me to the bone. The marble fountain proudly residing in the middle of the square stopped spurting out water days ago. All that was left was a few puddles, barely sustaining the villagers’ thirst. My pale blond hair was picked up by the wind, and I saw my electric blue eyes feverishly stare back at me in one of the puddles.
I looked beside me and saw Michael and Kai. They grabbed their swords from the scabbards resting against their hips. Michael’s dark mane was whipping in the wind, and his blue eyes searched Stan for a weak spot. Kai, on the other hand, was calm. No emotion escaped his green eyes, and his midnight black hair gracefully streamed in the wind.
Stan continued to stare at us, as if measuring our powers. “Now, Gabriella, I don’t think you know what you’re getting yourself into. Remember, you can still choose to join me. By doing so, you can obtain ultimate power and riches.” Stan said, trying to tempt me to join him and his brainwashed army.
“There’s no way I’ll ever consider joining a scum like you!” I spat. Stan narrowed his eyes, and smiled.
“So be it.” He said. Stan spread his palms to the sky and drew in black tendrils, creating dark swirling balls of power.
Michael and Kai tensed, not understanding what was going on. But I understood. Stan, after the short time seeing him in Heaven, joined Lucifer and became a demon, throwing away his angel wings for dark magic.
I relayed the information to Michael and Kai. They nodded in understanding, quickly accepting the fact that their mentor was gone, and in his place was a blood-thirsty beast.
Michael and Kai stood in front of me, shielding me from Stan. Kai cloaked his sword in bright red flames, and I could feel the searing heat behind him.
”Oh, how cute! The little angels are trying to act strong and brave now. Well too bad, you are no match for my power.” Stan taunted. Kai and Michael let loose a battle cry, sending chills down my skin. They charged towards Stan, swords raised in the air. But Stan merely flicked his hand, and in an instant, Michael and Kai were thrown against a wall. Their eyes dropped down, leaving them unconscious. Stan, unfazed by his actions, slowly trudged towards me. His swirling balls bobbing after him.
I panicked. I felt ice dump into my veins, and shivers overtook my body. I don’t know how to fight! I thought, Oh, God, Please make this quick…
I squeezed my eyes shut, when all of a sudden a blinding light flashed against my closed eyelids, leaving blue spots to dance against them. I slowly opened my eyes and gasped. The bright light was emanating from my body. I felt my feet slowly leave the ground, and in a moment, I was floating in the air. I felt a burst of pain, and my white feathery wings expanded. The light that was coming from my chest felt like fire, and soon, the light traveled through my body, burning everything that it touched. In a matter of seconds, I was encased in the bright light.
Stan, during this ordeal, lost his arrogant smile and stared at my floating figure in shock. “B-but, you were supposed to be harmless! Lucifer said that the necklace you wore all your life would suppress your powers, leaving you as safe as a little child.”
I smiled at Stan. My eyes shown with gleaming lights, making my all ready blue eyes seem even bluer. “Even children can be dangerous when left alone.” I say.
“Well, this is quiet surprising, but oh well, even this can’t stop me now!” Stan yelled, desperate, he flung his swirling black balls towards me. But I was able to easily deflect them.
I looked at Stan. I mean, I really looked at him. He still looked like the kind old man who would teach Michael, Kai and me the wonders of heaven. But his warm features were defiled by crazed eyes and a snarling mouth. I then realized that Stan was gone forever, and that no one could ever save him.
I smiled sadly at Stan, a small tear slid down my cheek, “I’m sorry, so very sorry.” I whisper to him. I flung a bright beam of light towards Stan, obliterating him in seconds.
All that remained was a pile of ash, my necklace resting in it, and a silent scream of anguish echoing in the cold midnight air.

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