February 22, 2013
In the beginning there was no Earth but only the heavens of the skies. A gracious king with inexhaustible powers controlled the heavens and had full domination over everything. He made himself a wife who was fruitful and multiplied. His queen gave life to triplets, two boys and one girl. The eldest was named Shine for he had in him a great light. The second boy, who was the middle child, was named Night for the young boy had dark, devious eyes. The youngest was a girl who was later named Plain. Plain did not have anything special to her, which is why she was given that name. She did not posses any of her father’s powers and this enraged her mother.

The queen commanded to end Plain’s existence but the honorable king could not find it in his caring heart to kill his only daughter. The king then formulated a plan and he grabbed his daughter by the hand. He knew he had to get rid of Plain but he knew he would never be able to end her life. To save his daughter he created a world and called it Earth. He put Plain into this new world and gave her an entire population of people so she wouldn’t be lonely. He called these people humans and they were just like Plain. The humans did not posses any powers or had any godly features but they were benign, just like her. They loved as she loved and they were passionate as she was passionate. Plain was to live a life of harmony and happiness. The king provided them with fruits of all kinds and animals too. He gave them the sun and the moon, oceans, seas, and winds that were blue. As the king was finishing his creations his sons walked behind him. They saw the life he made and were astonished and frightened. Their father broke down into tears and implored them not tell his queen. Shine bowed his head before his father with obedience while Night imitated with thought of defiance. Night was jealous and he wanted the humans to feel his raft. He couldn’t believe his father possessed an everlasting love for the powerless. Night went down below Earth into a dark abyss. He created hate and sadness. He then planned to bring misery among the humans to horrify their lives.

The king recognized his son’s actions but could not do anything about them. He promised himself he would give his children free will and not control them like puppets. He refused to force them to love him as he loved them. Shine understood this and desired to flex his own free will. He saw that Night was bringing torment to his sister’s world so he worked to restore the good. This is why when it rains the rainbow comes right after and why the uneatable fruits are used to heal wounds. Shine’s powers remind the humans that when Night puts darkness and depression into their eyes, they could be more than certain that an untamable light is to follow and bring joy to their lives.

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