Foresight: A New Reality- Prologue

February 21, 2013
Prologue: Oblivion
If you want a happy story, do not read this book. It won’t make you warm and fuzzy; just give you nightmares that will drive you mad. I’ve seen purity, evil, and the devil himself. Darkness is inescapable; even the vast expanse of space is a black void.
If one must know, I am the only one left. I am a forgotten soul, the last of an endangered species. My name is Jack Claybourne. I once protected humanity from the hidden horrors of the universe. You think you’re alone? How ridiculous. Alien races are very common, and not all of them are peaceful. That’s why I’m talking to you. A single race created the key to Armageddon. I was trusted to stop it and save the realm, but I failed. I let so many people down and so many people were killed, their home worlds wiped out.
I have seen and learned many things in my journeys. I have seen the multiple universes, have experienced what happens after death, felt true love, rage, grief… It all happened within 3 years, and I have been hurt in so many ways. My soul is gone; all you get from me is the dark shell of a sad old man. Do you think your life is hell?
Try mine, and appreciate what I don’t have any more.
Understand the past.
Embrace the present.
Reclaim the future.
Our journey begins here, the fall of 2009...

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