February 20, 2013
Satisfaction was all Dr. Frederick Weinstein wanted. He did not realize that moral values were crushed, and his ability to tell right from wrong was fading. He worked on it every minute possible. It was a harmless experiment on breed mixing. Nothing wrong with that. Right? He just wanted to see what happened if he started adding human genes. Dr. Weinstein had started to experiment on other human beings. Police started investigating the mysterious events that made more than 40 people go missing and followed a path, straight to Frederick's lab. His desire to create a perfect human hybrid was overwhelming, but with the police practically on the doorstep of his house every 2 hours, he could not find the time or any body to experiment on. He started to experiment on himself.
This is crazy stop now before you lose everything. Logic screamed at him.
I already lost everything. I live alone. My mother doesn't want me. (She was an unsuspecting victim to his experiments. He never realized he started to experiment on his mother and does not acknowledge her death.) My Father left when I was little, (This was a true fact.) and I was fired from my job for no reason." His obsession yelled back (This was also another denial, he was indeed fired, but it was because of his attempted assaults on many of his coworkers at the lab.)
They want to copy my experiments. Steal MY ideas. Stealing is bad. Stealing is Cheating. Said obsession
You murdered 38 people including your own mother. Said logic You have lost control.
No I did not she did not die she just ran off to Vegas, like all the others.

But it was you who.....
"Enough!" Logic could say no more. Dr Weinstein picked up the syringe with his middle-aged hand and began to slowly puncture his skin when there was a knock on the door. He looked at his recently installed camera monitors. It was the police.
You have had enough interruptions. Just inject it. NOW!
"Okay" He quickly obeyed. He took the needle and quickly punctured his veiny arm and watched the orange liquid pour out into his body. Pure pain jetted through his arm and throughout his spine. He violently fell to the floor. On his way down he hit his head on the edge of the table. He was knocked out.
He woke up He looked at the graffiti covered wall and thick steel bars. He saw a tiny, dust-covered, mirror. Did it work? He thought. In the mirror he saw the same old man. Same grey matted hair, round, whiskery face, and same high forehead, but then he realized that he was not wearing his round glasses. He could see, just fine. He stepped closer to the mirror and notice there were orange lines dancing in his crazy eyes. Did it work? He thought again. He looked down at his hands and flexed every muscle in his body, hair started to grow. It is working.... He strained even harder sharp claws started to replace his fingers, and his knuckles were changing shape. He stopped. He turned back into his natural state. He looked back up into the mirror and grinned a huge sinister grin.

We did it! Said obsession. We have successfully created a werewolf!

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Miniterror said...
Feb. 26, 2013 at 10:37 am
I like the plot, although it could have better punctuation.
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