If I could

February 12, 2013
The power rushes through my veins; I can feel the strength coursing through my body. I look up to the skylight on the ceiling and jump. I am launched through--completely effortless--onto the roof. Nothing can stop me in this state, nothing that lives in the world today. I begin to run, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, losing no breath as I jump over buildings and the power lines between houses. I outstrip eagles, hounds, and cars. I jump down into the street and a wall attempts to stop me. No! I break through and keep running. I know my goal; I know what I want. I finally stop at the wall separating the neighborhood from the rest of the world. I could jump it easily, but what will happen on the other side, nobody in living memory has ever left the walls. I jump, rising higher and higher, nearer to the top. Time slows down as I come near the top. I’m about to find out what we are separated from by these walls; what nobody has seen in years. My head is about to peek over the side when... I wake up.

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