The Last Creation

February 9, 2013
Dawn's mother is the last woman to give birth to what happens to be the last of the human race. Eve. But after Dawns mother dies, everyone seems to show their true colors, and Dawn has no choice to run far from everything she's ever known. Yet, she didn't know that her mother had Dawn's path already mapped out for her, and she surely didn't know that she was a part of another society other than earth. Well, maybe not society, more like a world. Can Dawn adapt to this new life filled with the exciting events of raising a baby, the dangerous love she thought was forbidden, and the war that looks to be a few inches away, but really is dimensions away? Will Dawn defeat Darkness? Chapter 1: Prologue: The Historic Birth Screams. Loud heart piercing; nerve shattering screams erupted as my mother gave birth to the last of the human race. The birth was being shown on every TV that the earth beholds, so every being on this planet could celebrate the birth of the first baby after 10 years, and mourn the end of their race altogether.
Doctors scrambled to clear the newborn’s airways as nurses finalized the end of a growing humanity by injecting the venom that forever stops a women from creating again. Every female on the face of earth has been injected, but that was years ago. My mother is the last of them all.
The baby cries for the first time, gurgling so slightly my heart sinks into every pit of my body, and I melt. It is beautiful or handsome, I can’t seem to tell. Bright lights from helicopters shine into the room sending sheer white rays onto every face, so I can’t make out who is who. It cries again and again I melt. Dr. Ray holds up the very last creation in his giant hands, almost victoriously, and shows it to the crowd formed at the base of the hospital. Cheers erupt yet again, almost as if this were a happy time, and not just a glimpse of something that would be gone in a year.
That’s when I see flags of pink flying madly through the air as the people celebrate this new, and last creation.
It is a girl, and therefore her name is Eve, meaning ‘life’.
My mother calls for me and I hurriedly go to her side taking in her soft hand just as the doctor shuts the window, locking out all the shrieks for more views of the new baby girl. She looks like a fallen angel, jet black hair with streaks of shiny white in the sunlight, and almost ice-cold grey eyes that pierced your gaze. But it is known that her eyes are as soft as clouds, hence a fallen angel.
“Dawn,” mother coos almost like the sound her new baby daughter is making, “Don’t let darkness fall, you are light, Dawn, not darkness. Eve is life, not death. Raise her to live her name, but raise your own to light her path, take care of her,” She coughed conspicuously and winked at me from an angle, not a playful one either, but one that wrenched my mindset from calm to rigid, “Run like the wind- from darkness, and find the light on Luke Lane.” I laughed as though she just told me an old wife’s tale, but deeper inside, my laugh dissolved in acid and a sick feeling filled my body. “Rise again and defeat the odds, because you are special Dawn, special as a diamond in the rough.”
These words, wise words from a woman who was told she had one year to live 12 months ago. Oh how I wished to hear her words again after this last week of her life, but she is weak. I want her to rest and pray for the health of her new daughter for her last days. Not sit and talk to a grown teenager about childhood memories.
“Mother,” I cried, all dignity lost as I begged her one last request, “Tell me one last story, please?”
She laughed gently as one hand engulfed mine, a ritual for many years, and told me my favorite story of earth’s past. When woman could marry the man of her dreams, and have as many babies as they pleased, without that baby being murdered on their first birthday. As would happen to Eve if I didn't just subconsciously agree with my mother to kidnap her later that evening, and run to somewhere safe, say Luke Lane, for help.

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