Battle of The Aliens

February 9, 2013
By Anonymous

Battle of the Aliens

In the year 2035, powerful kids were born. Their names were: Kade Gall, Brandon Urlacher, Joseph Bally, Thomas Flack, and Sully Dusseldorf. Before they were born, there was a war raging. The war was getting worse; it was between the Russians and the western. The Russians were getting new people from the planet Rekage. What they thought were humans were actually aliens!

The five boys were born on the same day, but their parents didn’t want them and gave them up for adoption. So a weird person took them in. Little did they know that this guy was their protector.The protector’s name was Mr. Hong.

A few days later the kids started to develop triangles on their arms and legs. These triangles would glow a rainbow of colors. The strange thing is that the colors are neon, not the normal neon colors. They are: neon black, neon blue, neon purple, and neon red. They wonder why the triangles are glowing and where the colors are coming from.

While the kids were getting those triangles on themselves, the Russians were bringing the aliens to their headquarters.You could see the aliens from anywhere; their ship was so huge.The kids saw it, and Mr. Hong said “It is spaceship the length of about 19 football fields or even bigger. Its height is 12 football fields. The ground shook; they knew something bad was happening.

“Hello, aliens. You are now on our team to kill everyone else so we can do everything we want to do. Mwwwwwwwwaaa!” the Leader exclaimed.

“Neglatchcacha,” the alien said.

“That means okay, we will win for sure,” the translator said to the Leader.

A few years later when the kids were 5 years old, they were starting to figure out why they were different from other humans. Joseph was starting to lift heavy things like cars with his pinkies. Kade started getting faster; you could barely see him when he ran. Brandon started to disappear, but only half of his body. Sully started to make earthquakes when he flipped his hair. Thomas started to be able to turn into very hard metal.

The Russians and aliens were making better weapons. They were getting ready for war, also with their disastrous plan.

“Sir, weapons are done,” the man said.

“Okay, see how the aliens and our men are doing in the gym,” the Leader said.

When the man got there, the aliens were ripped and so were the men.

“What the heck happened to you guys?” the man said.

“GlaPlnitaflta gopa linesforl,” the alien said.

“He means we were in here for the last week working out,” the translator said.

The man left and went to the Leader and told him that they were there for one whole week non-stop.

The leader was ecstatic that it happened; he went wild because of that.

The kids started to get all the powers now. Instead of flipping their hair for the other powers, they stomped. Now Mr. Hong was giving them blue and silver boxes. The blue was glowing bright almost blinding. All of a sudden, their hands had glowing blue circles on their palms.

"What the heck is happening to us?" asked Sully.

"This advanced box is strengthening your powers to help the world from evil," Mr. Hong said to them."Here is a present for you to help you for the upcoming events. They will protect you if I'm not around to help you guys."

The present Mr. Hong gave them was special armor that was made out of the same metal they could turn into.

Mr. Hong told the kids they need a training camp to help them develop their skills. For the next five days they built the training camp.

"Why are we doing this?" Thomas asked.

Mr. Hong told them that they were training for the Russians and the aliens.

"Do they look like us?" asked Kade.

"No, they are really tall and have weird faces. They also have fish gills for breathing and no nose," Mr. Hong said.

"Cool," said Sully.

"No, it isn't. They are way better than all of you. That is why we are training," said Mr. Hong.

The stations were: Strength, Invisibility, Hardness, Speed, Shaking, Camo, Scenarios of War, and Weapons. The kids went through the stations many times. Each time they completed the, they kept getting better and better. While this was going on, the other side of the world was ready for war.

Their weapons were amazing and had great features. The weapons were all sorts of sizes and colors.They also had many things to protect them from danger. Their weapons were more superior than Mr. Hong's.

"Sir, the men are done training. Should they work with the weapons now?" said the man.

"Yes," the Leader said.

Now the aliens and the men were working together with the weapons. They were learning how to fire and use the weapons properly. They were firing at everything in sight but not their own people. A few men, and a few aliens, got hurt from the guns. Most of them could keep going through the procedures.

“Glapilplipilfta minga flupa ninba,” said the alien.

“He said this is fun. How did you make the guns? So we can make some of those guns,” the translator said.

“We made them by using DNA from one of you, then we put very hard metal over a tube filled with DNA . Next, we put a very strong gun powder and some bombs. Next to the tube and connected by a wire,” the man said.

“Golopta,” the alien said

“Nice,” he said.

All day long the men and the aliens worked with the weapons to become one with the gun.

“Mr. Hong, I have a question. Why do we have to learn about camo?” questions Joseph.

“If one of you guys get hurt, you can hide from them until you feel better,” said Mr. Hong.

The kids started to grow up. They became stronger, faster, and powers more greater.

The kids were now 15 years old and ready for the war. So was the Russian army. Both sides were discussing their game plan, deciding which plan they were going to do and the other army’s plan.

The Russians took the “attack wildly” approach, while the eastern side took “hide then attack over and over”. The Russians thought that the Eastern side will take the hiding approach. The Eastern thought that Russia will attack anything in sight.

The war was coming closer and closer. They were ready, and ready to win.

BOOM!!!! The ground shook and everything fell.

“What was that?” Brandon asked.

“Positions everyone!” the general yelled.

They put lots of men in the middle of nowhere.

“Well..Well.. Well.. Look at what the cat dragged in,” said the Leader.

The kids secretly took row by row. Thomas would count to 3 and they would attack.

“Why are my men falling down?” the Leader said.

He pointed to people they didn’t know what was going on.One of the men said, “we are tired of our general. Can join your army?” The Leader approved, and the men joined. The men searched for the other part of the army.

More men keep falling to the ground. Brandon used his smart brain to make a gun silent and shot the guy into the air. He rocketed to the ground. The Leader was furious and walked over to the spot.

“Who shot the gun?” the Leader yelled.

The two men in front of him said they didn’t have any guns. The leader thought they were lying to him, so he shot them. All the men fell silent. He told everyone if they make an excuse, he will shoot them.

“Gloptipalksa flipa nip dopea leta’” the alien said into the Leader’s earpiece.

“Sir, what did he say?” the translator said.

“He said they found one, but he said the person has died and if that is okay.”

The Leader yelled into the mouthpiece that it was a stinking war.

“ATTACK!” Kade shouted.

They started to attack the Leader and his army. The aliens came to help them because they were getting creamed. The boys took on the aliens while the armies fought against each other.

The boys split up and tried to find them after they ran away.

“Found ‘em!” said Joseph.

The rest ran of the boys over to the aliens were all hunched over together. The boys each used two powers to defeat the aliens. The combinations were: invisibility and speed, super strength and the power to turn into metal, shaking power and turn into metal, shaking multiple times, and speed and strength.

The aliens were out of the picture now. The boys were now going back to help the army. There was only one guy standing for them. The kids looked closer and saw it was Mr. Hong, and he was fighting about ten guys. The kids started to run toward him to help.

BLZZZZZ!!! Mr. Hong zips through the air to hear a loud thud when he hit the ground. The boys ran to Mr. Hong.

“Boys carry on without me,” he said quietly.

“We’ll win for you, Mr. Hong,” Brandon told him.

The men that just killed Mr. Hong started to charge at them. The kids used all their powers. It only took a matter of a few seconds to take them down to the ground.

“Mr.Hong, are you still alive?” screamed Kade.

“Don’t leave us,” Brandon said.

The boys ended up making a grave right there where he died, and on the gravestone it said: THE BEST MAN TO EVER LIVE, MR. HONG.

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