Archie’s dream: Angel’s Memory

February 8, 2013
It was a warm summer night. My eyes wander around the room dimly lit by the moonlight. Lying on my bed, I look around. Trophies on the shelves. Papers on the floor. Medals and awards hung up. Question marks scribbled on the walls. It was getting too warm, so I yanked off the thin blanket and got up to open to windows. I also turned on the mini fan that was on the floor. The scent of trees soon filled the room. A small breeze brushed my hair. My arms were tucked under the pillows. A mysterious voice echoed in my head, “Archie, what is the purpose of your life? I think it’s time for you to remember.” As my eyes closed, an eerie light made the room even brighter. It revealed my black wavy hair and Asian facial features. I was forced to sleep.

My eyes opened up and I found myself floating in a black area of space. It was pitch black. Blinding my eyes, the color changed to pure white. There were gigantic gears surrounding me. Up above was a humongous clock with other digital clocks around it. All of a sudden I fell towards to bottom and as I see the time being reversed on the clocks. A shriek came out of my mouth.

Memories flash before me, those I have absolutely no recollection of. My head was spinning and throbbing. I felt nauseous and queasy. Then images of my childhood flooded my mind and tears started to wet my face.

It was memories of me and an older girl. I see myself, a little boy who was about 7 or 8. She was moving into the house right next to mine. She had a beautiful smile and long black hair. She walked up to me and smiled. She whispered in my ears, “My name is Lucy, I’m an angel.” I whispered back, “Really?” Lucy nodded her head. I was delighted to have met an angel; she told me stories of her adventures and such. But sadly, those good times didn't last long. Before I had realized it, I turned Lucy into a fallen angel.

As I was growing older, work piled up on me. Though I tried my best, I wasn't able to keep up. An idea had hit me. I visited Lucy and asked her, “Will you grant me one wish?” A small frown formed upon her face. It was like she knew this was going or happen sooner or later. She granted my wish. I wished for success in everything I did. I grew greedy, I asked her to grant me more wishes and she did. But the time came, she showered me with wishes and in punishment she became a fallen angel. Lucy was forbidden to ever set foot on Earth. My memories of Lucy were erased.

I woke up; my eyes and face were wet. I started sobbing but I didn't know for what reason. I forgot about the dream and continued my daily life.

After nights and nights of dreaming the same dream but forgetting it in the morning, I grew sick and tired. Then on a certain night, small angels flew into my room through the windows and whispered, “You can still save Lucy, in tonight’s dream. We wish you luck in succeeding.” I was puzzled. Then the clock struck midnight, I remember everything. Once again, I was forced to sleep. Lucy appeared before me and my hand reached out to her. But a sorrow look fell upon her face and she flew away. I screamed her name as loud as I can. I traveled through oceans and mountains in search for her. A second in my dream felt like an hour in real life.
I kept thinking that she wouldn't forgive me though I found her. The little angels from before, joined with me in search of Lucy. Still, it was hopeless. We searched everywhere. I looked up and there a saw, very far away the very same angel we've been searching for. You can do anything in a dream right? I crouched down and shot my legs up high. Before I realized it I was flying with wings on my back.

I flew, my mind kept repeating faster, faster and faster. “LUCY!!!!” I screamed. The speed kept rising; the wind was like a tornado blowing in my face. I caught up to her and blocked her way by spreading my arms and legs out. She gave me the cold look. I clenched my fists tight. “Please, listen to what I have to say,” I said stubbornly. “Why should I?” she replied.
“Just because.”
“You finally realized the pain you gave me after all these years. Now you’re getting in my way.”
“Getting in your way of what?”
“I’m going to get myself killed and be reborn as some other angel.”
“WHY?! If it’s my fault, I’ll compensate!”
“It doesn't matter anymore. I just…want to live a new life. I regret showering you with love and granting your wishes. I thought you were going to be happy but I was wrong.”
“I’m sorry, I really am, I’ll repay you back, I’ll do whatever you want.”
Tears started to dwell in my eyes. I truly felt regretful and pain was surging up in my heart. Floating in air, I flew quickly and embraced her. As I sobbed I kept saying, “I’m sorry, forgive me.” I truly realized what I had did wrong and in that moment, the God of Angels forgave me and Lucy. She was forgiven, and so was I. Then I fell back, she mouthed the words farewell and there were tears in her eyes.

I woke up, as usual with a wet face. Smiling I said to myself, “Thanks Lucy, really, thanks.” Then I put my head down and sobbed as much as I can. I’ll live my life happily.

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