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The Dark Dictator

The goddess Fearia roamed around the village. She examined everyone’s actions and determined one’s emotions. If she knew who was worried, she would visit their home as a dark fog. This dark fog would make the brain think about the absolute worst situation possible. She used this power to effect decision-making, to the point where victims are paralyzed by conflict. Some tried to fight against her and push through, but others fell under the pressure. When they fell, they fell hard. Their skulls cracked open and unleashed screams of horror where worry hibernates deep down in the brain, the brain that holds the safe of secrets that is ambushed by Fearia.
But, one day, a man named Convinion knew Fearia was coming. His wife was sick and they were struggling to pay for their medical bills. He sat at the kitchen table, head down with mug in hand and bills in front of him. A couple doors down his wife lay in bed with eyes half open as she exhaled an ill roar. Tasting the bittersweet coffee running down his throat and feeling the warmth of the fire, Convinion starred at the numbers that needed to be paid as the coughing echoed in his ears. He felt it in his bones that Fearia was on her way. He wanted to stand up for himself and defeat this evil Fearia.
He stood on the creaky wooden floor with confidence as he watched the darkness creep in the house. Crawling under tables and seeping through windows, Fearia got closer and closer. She never revealed herself to any human, for she only appeared as a fog. Convinion had worried horribly last winter and experienced what it was like when Fearia came to visit. The winter snow had knocked down a weak limb and stuck the house which created a hole in the roof. This caused Fearia to check in. Once she made her appearance and turned her fog from black to gray, Convinion sat by the fire for days questioning whether he should spend his money on a new roof or on parts to fix his old one. Convinion couldn’t help but think that the repairs would create a larger hole, or worse, cause the house to fall down. He knew how Fearia in the form of a fog looked, but he didn’t know how Fearia in the form of a goddess looked like.
As she seeped through every crack in the house, she completely surrounded Convinion. But, before her fog turned from black to gray and created more questions and worries in Convinion’s head, he spoke up. “Show yourself! If I’m going to be attacked by an evil witch like you, at least show me what you look like. Why even bother making an appearance if you are going to come as a fog?” Fearia stopped in her tracks. Her fog did not turn gray. She slowly crawled back under the table, seeped out of the house through the windows, and disappeared in the frigid night.
She quickly started to appear in a part of everyone’s brains. It is there when you worry. Fearia is more powerful this way and does her damage. She no longer makes a physical appearance, yet she still takes over the brain, making us think the worst, which influences bad decisions. Today, she shows us how much stronger she is and overpowers in an instant. We call her fear for short.

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El fosforo said...
Feb. 10, 2013 at 12:34 pm
Bravo Catalina. I love you.
Susan said...
Feb. 10, 2013 at 11:20 am
Fabulous story...just loved it. Keep writing!
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